18 February, 2014

Full Album Stream: Artificial Brain: Labyrinth Constellation – new album


We are not talking Jupiter or Saturn here, we’re talking “a planet which walks in a swarm of suspended moons that burns itself upon the sun to build immunity to radiation as well as gorges itself on poisonous light and colon spasm its roots unto the sediment”. We are also talking an album that will affect your day. Which way – it depends on your predispositions. Therefore you better steel yourselves before you delve into ARTIFICIAL BRAIN's ‘Labyrinth Constellation’. Out today, February 18th, 2014, on Profound Lore Records, the agonising debut LP featuring the talents (and ails) of REVOCATION's Dan Gargiulo on guitar, Keith Abrami on drums, Samuel Smith on bass, Jon Locastro on guitar and Will (Smith) on vocals, awaits your order here (Profound Lore store) and on BandCamp here. ‘Labyrinth Constellation’ was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Colin Marston (of GORGUTS, KRALLICE and DYSRHYTHMIA fame) in his Thousand Caves studio, while its art was concocted by Paolo Girardi. Activated in 2009 in “fucking space”, momentarily acting out from Long Island, New York, this is, as already mentioned, ARTIFICAL BRAIN's debut full-length album, although they have already butchered cosmic giants in 2013 on ‘Butchering Cosmic Giants’ EP. But let us concentrate for a moment on what MetalSucks' Dave Mustein (who “enjoys overanalyzing, overthinking, and meddling with your heads”) thinks about it:
“It’s post-death metal, if you will. … The most instantly noticeable quality of ‘Labyrinth Constellation’ is its evocative power, inspiring vivid images and adjectives alike. This means that the band's space themes aren’t lost in gimmickry à la RINGS OF SATURN; ARTIFICIAL BRAIN are fully aware that there’s more to “space” than randomness, dissonance, and abrupt rhythmic shifts. … It’s a kind of swirling, mesmeric force, exemplified in tracks like ‘Orbital Gait’, whose recursive ellipses seem to fling us out of our time and space and through a portal to dimension 5612. This leads to the development of fuzzy but widely diverse atmospheres, resplendent with contrasting emotional premises. … Though despite its sonic variance and meticulous songwriting, ‘Labyrinth Constellation’ doesn’t entirely fulfill its name. A constellation is a gestalt, a composite, greater than the sum of its individual stars; ‘Labyrinth Constellation’, were it a true constellation, would be pretty difficult to recognize as a single amalgamated entity,” [heh… and you will find much more here:]

ARTIFICIAL BRAIN features: Dan Gargiulo - guitar, Keith Abrami - drums, Samuel Smith - bass, Jon Locastro - guitar and Will - vocals

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