23 February, 2014

Aenaon: Der Müde Tod – new video & Extance – new album

(So here we are, the last day of 2014 Winter Olympic Games: truth be told, following the Games on mostly muted TV set – since some – not all! - of our here commentators' and winter sports experts' expertise starts and ends with ice cubes in their drinks – is quite tiring, but thankfully ICED EARTH (their Transformers headgear-wearing soundman including) refilled the batteries with their performance yesterday.)

AENAON's ‘Der Müde Tod’, “the tired death” - as far as I know, comes off the Greek progressive black metallers' second full-length album ‘Extance’, issued through Code666 Records/Aural Music on January the 20th, 2014. The tune, its video created by Sotiris Benekos, features guest vocals by FUNERAL and IN VAIN's Sindre Nedland and saxophone by Orestis Zirinis. ‘Extance’ was recorded at Crown Studio in Greece, mixed by AENAON and their guitarist Achilleas C., mastered by Tom Kvalsvoll at Strype Audio in Oslo, Norway, while its art was created by Polish artist Lukasz Wodynski. Purchase this interesting album here (AENAON's store), on iTunes or through Amazon:

According to the official bio, AENAON was born in 2005, somewhere in the central Greece – as an idea. If I deciphered the given information properly, that  idea occurred to bassist Thyragon and guitarist Draugen. When vocalist Astrous and drummer Vanghmar comprehended that idea during the year that followed, the quartet started to work on materialising it. Achilleas C. joined the band as second guitarist in 2007 for a brief period of time and as Dagwn was brought in as his replacement, AENAON signed with the Canadian Bleak Art Records through which they released an EP entitled ‘Phenomenon’ in 2009:

Alas, Draugen and Vanghmar left the group by the end of that year and Achilleas C. was once again drafted as guitarist. A split 7” with Romanian band SATANOCHIO came out in 2010 on Floga Records/Orkestral Promenade Productions, before AENAON signed with Code666 which was to release their first proper album:

‘Cendres Et Sang’ followed in 2011 through Code666 Records, a sublabel of Aural Music. The album was recorded at Crown Studio in Greece, produced and mixed by Achilleas C. and Astrous, engineered by Pantelis Kalogiros and Stratos Kountouras, and mastered by Tom Kvalsvoll. The album featured guest appearances by vocalists Ørjan “V'gandr” Nordvik (of HELHEIM and AETERNUS fame) and DAKRYA's Thomais Chatzigianni, as well as contributions by pianists Vasilis Agiomyrgianakis and Pantelis Kalogiros and saxophonist Christos Agouridakis:

AENAON features: Astrous – vocals, Achilleas C. – guitar, Anax (J.M) – guitars, Thyragon – guitar and Nycriz – drums


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