20 February, 2014

Chrome Division: Lady Of Perpetual Sorrow – new video

(Norwegians started to train for Winter Olympics right after the huge ice shelf of the last ice age first melted (between 11,000 and 8,000 BC), and that’s why they top the Sochi 2014 medals table with 21 medals in total (10 gold, 4 silver and 7 bronze). And do remember, Norway is a country of a little above 5 million inhabitants – 134 of those compete in the current Olympics). CHROME DIVISION of course know the colour of their metal; this lovely although sad tune, ‘Lady Of Perpetual Sorrow’, comes off their fourth album ‘Infernal Rock Eternal’, issued through Nuclear Blast Records in January 2014. On it, Shagrath (born Stian Tomt Thoresen/of DIMMU BORGIR fame) and his merry men (Shady Blue, Damage Karlsen, Ogee Ferrari and Tony White) bring shamelessly back the memories of those awful 1980s, calling this travesty “their different side” and “their love for dirty rock and roll” (and I’m still not kidding about the 80s). CHROME DIVISION's ‘Infernal Rock Eternal’ awaits your order here (Nuclear Blast store), on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon/Amazon MP3 etc.

“For some mysterious reason (maybe long winter boredom), Scandinavians find time to start more bands - full-time and side-project - in any given week than the rest of the planet's denizens will manage in a lifetime,” writes Eduardo Rivadavia (AllMusic Guide). It actually started in the summer of 2004 for CHROME DIVISION, with DIMMU BORGIR's vocalist Shagrath and then-bassist Nagash. After enlisting bassist Björn Luna (ASHES TO ASHES), vocalist Eddie Guz (THE CARBURETORS), lead guitarist Ricky Black and after Nagash opted to bow out of the band and was replaced with drummer Tony White (“From this point it was evident that CHROME DIVISION was to be more than just a side project. From now on they were like a force, spawning stripped down groovy rock'n'roll, with a primitive attitude, also labeled as “doomsday rock'n'roll,” claims the band's official bio), out came debut album entitled ‘Doomsday Rock 'n Roll’. This 2006 Nuclear Blast release was commented by already mentioned music critic as follows:
“It must be said that the album's 12 gas-guzzling hard rock anthems are pulled off with astonishing confidence and what seems like surprising ease. Maybe it’s the freshness of working within such purely hard rock idioms that help these normally uptight black metal musicians rid the music of its inherent clichés.” [More here]
The album reached position number 31 on the Norwegian Albums Chart: 

“After a while Shagrath rejoined the CHROME guys,” reads on the band's bio, “exhausted [from] touring in the name of Satan, hungry for more rubber-smelling rock. It was time to create another CHROME album.” And accordingly, the second album, ‘Booze, Broads And Beelzebub’, followed in 2008 which Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic, dutifully reviewed:
“Don’t make the mistake of letting a few quick listens convince you to miss-categorize CHROME DIVISION as some outdated, Scandinavian chapter of L.A. GUNS, because buried beneath the relative simplicity of all these songs can be found frequent little reminders of DIMMU BORGIR's usual songwriting complexity - be they subtle minor chords or unforeseen dynamic shifts in the arrangements - that help to keep things interesting.” [More here:]

The Norwegian ambassadors of decadence released their third album, ‘3rd Round Knockout’, in 2011. Marcus Jervis, About.com, listened and learned the following:
“Both musically and lyrically, there is little deviation from the formula; simply a stream of snotty riffs and driving rock rhythms providing the backbeat to tales of heroic drinking, back street brawls and endless sexual conquests. Even a punked-up version of the Johnny Cash classic ‘Ghost Riders In The Sky’ is given similar treatment, proving that these boys take no prisoners.” [More here:]

CHROME DIVISION features: Shady Blue – vocals, Shagrath - guitar and backing vocals, Damage Karlsen - lead guitar and backing vocals, Ogee Ferrari – bass and backing vocals and Tony White – drums 



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