18 February, 2014

Full Album Stream: Wolves Like Us: Black Soul Choir – new album


This just in: visit Metal Hammer here and listen to the full new WOLVES LIKE US album ‘Black Soul Choir’. Metal Hammer promises WLU's “metallic, punked-up anthems will get your week off to a cracker”, but you better check it out first yourselves before you order your own copy here (Prosthetic Records store), since Metal Hammer reads kind of partisan on the matter, calling WOLVES LIKE US “one of their very favouritest new bands”. Anyhow, ‘Black Soul Choir’ will be issued through Prosthetic Records on February the 24th, 2014 in Europe (except in Germany where it’s due on February the 28th) and on March the 4th in North America. Produced at the Propeller Studios in Oslo with Mike Hartung, ‘Black Soul Choir’ is the follow-up to the band's acclaimed 2011 debut album ‘Late Love’, which the band supported with no less than five tours (150 shows) and fifteen festivals: “We are extremely proud and happy with the record, and can’t wait for people to hear it and [for us] to play these songs in front of an audience. It’s been a long trek making these traps of sonic feedback for you to enjoy. We hope you like it,” said vocalist and guitarist Lars Kristensen. ‘Black Soul Choir’s art was created by Matt Ryan:

Singer and guitarist Lars Kristensen, guitarist Espen Helvig, drummer (and cymbalist) Jonas Thire and bearded bassist Toy Kjeldaas, influenced by artists such as QUICKSAND, HUSKER DU, SWERVEDRIVER and AFGAN WINGS, formed WOLVES LIKE US in 2010 in Oslo, Norway in order to “make the urgent, powerful new music they love”. The group had signed with Prosthetic Records in early 2011 and began recording ‘Late Love’ in Oslo with Ruben Willem at Haust / Caliban Studios. ‘Late Love’, depicted as “solid, moving album” by Greg Pratt, Revolver, followed in June 2011 in Europe and in September of that year in North America:

WOLVES LIKE US features: Lars Kristensen – vocals and guitar, Espen Helvig – guitars, Jonas Thire – drums and Toy Kjeldaas – bass

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