08 February, 2014

Darkane: Mechanically Divine – new video & The Sinister Supremacy – full album stream



Its video created by Sinemax Produktion, ‘Mechanically Divine’ comes off DARKANE's first new material album in over five years, ‘The Sinister Supremacy’. Mixed by Daniel Bergstrand (Dugout Productions), its art, representing a “Rorschach test as seen by an individual who has completely succumbed to the sinister supremacy”, created by Carlos Holmberg, ‘The Sinister Supremacy’ was issued in June 2013 in Europe (Massacre Records) and in July 2013 in North America (Prosthetic Records). Featuring the return of original vocalist Lawrence Mackrory, the album showcases a new, darker and heavier sound, while remaining true to melodic death and technical thrash: visit Metal Injection here to hear ‘The Sinister Supremacy’ in its entirety. Get your own copy of the album through Amazon, Massacre Records and here (Prosthetic Records store):

“The band ramps up the hostility, but at the same time the songs are more accessible than ever before. The riffs are pummeling and drummer Peter Wildoer is a beast behind the kit. Mackrory brings the vocals to an aggressive level that the band hasn’t seen, but at the same time his use of enunciation and unique blend of melodic vocal melodies is remarkable,” [commented Dan Drago, About.com – more here]



Formed in 1998 in Helsingborg, Sweden by guitarist Christofer Malmström and drummer Peter Wildoer, DARKANE first recording also featured bassist Jörgen Löfberg, guitarist Klas Ideberg and vocalist Bjorn “Speed” Strid, whom you may know as SOILWORK vocalist. Due to conflicting commitments with SOILWORK, Strid was replaced with  Lawrence Mackrory who happened to be producer's Daniel Bergstrand studio assistant at the time. And thusly, DARKANE debut full-length, 1999's ‘Rusted Angel’, came about. Alas, Mackrory, also FORCEFEED frontman, could not join DARKANE on ensuing tour; luckily, Andreas Sydow, throgh some persuasion, eventually relented. Comprised of “many moments of near-virtuoso accomplishment and athleticism” (Jason Anderson, AllMusic – more here), DARKANE sophomore album, ‘Insanity’, followed in 2001 on Nuclear Blast Records. Encouraged, (the band had rebuilt their practice space adding “a great deal of recording equipment”) and recorded DARKANE's third album under the watchful eye of Daniel Bergstrand. ‘Expanding Senses’, released in 2002, “boasted a potent balance of brutality, musicality, and style” (Andy Hinds, AllMusic – more here). Following the release, the band had toured extensively throughout Europe, the U.S. and Japan; consequently drummer and founding member Peter Wildoer suffered a serious wrist injury, causing the band to wait until he, Wildoer, fully recovered. In 2004, DARKANE began recording ‘Layers Of Lies’ which was completed by spring of 2005. Following the promotional tour, DARKANE filmed a hometown concert which they released as their first official live DVD, ‘Layers Of Live’. In 2007, after vocalist Andreas Sydow left, the band engaged vocalist Jens Broman with whom they recorded their fifth album, 2008's ‘Demonic Art’:

“DARKANE continue to distinguish themselves with the high degree of musicality with which they manage to embellish the harsher elements of their songwriting; including everything from symphonic passages, to tightly wound harmonies and jaw-dropping guitar solos (as melodic as they are technically complex),” [wrote Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic – more here]

DARKANE features: Lawrence Mackrory – vocals, Christofer Malmström – guitar, Klas Ideberg – guitar, Jörgen Löfberg – bass and Peter Wildoer – drums




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