08 February, 2014

Dream Theater: The Looking Glass – new video & Dream Theater – full album stream

“Some will not admit their fifteen minutes have expired/Too much attention much too soon/Don’t see you walking on the moon/You are caught up in your gravity/Bathing in the spotlight/Imitating fame…” observe DREAM THEATER on ‘The Looking Glass’, off the band's highly successful self-titled twelfth studio album, released through Roadurnner Records in September 2013. DREAM THEATER's first album to involve new drummer Mike Magnini in the creative process from the beginning, had become DREAM THEATER's second highest charting album in the States (landing at number 7 on the Billboard Top 200 chart, behind 2009's ‘Black Clouds & Silver Linings’ which peaked at number 6) and their third consecutive album to enter the Top 10. Furthermore, ‘Dream Theater’ had conquered the Indonesian, Japanese and UK Rock charts, came in at number 2 in Italy, Hungary and Finland, at number 3 in Argentina, at number 4 in Germany, Holland and Czech Republic and number 5 in Canada, Sweden and Switzerland (and the list goes on). In the US alone, ‘Dream Theater’ had sold around 34,000 copies in its first week. Produced by guitarist John Petrucci and mixed and engineered by Richard Chycki, the album that earned its creators a Grammy nomination in “Best Metal Performance” category for ‘The Enemy Inside’, can be still heard in full here (Rolling Stone). Order ‘Dream Theater’, its art created by Hugh Syme, from the band's site here, or grab a copy from Roadrunner USA store here etc:

Formed in 1985 in Boston, Massachusetts by guitarist John Petrucci, bassist John Myung and drummer Mike Portnoy, with vocalist James LaBrie joining in 1991, the first DREAM THEATER album, 1989's ‘When Dream And Day Unite’, featured Charlie Dominici as lead vocalist. Their first album recorded with LaBrie, 1992's ‘Images And Words’, is the band's most commercially successful studio album to date. Entering the Billboard Top 200 at number 61 upon its release, the album was later certified Gold by the RIAA. The last DREAM THEATER album to feature keyboardist Kevin Moore, 1994's ‘Awake’ which peaked at number 32 on the U.S. Billboard Top 200, was followed by 1997's poorly received ‘Falling Into Infinity’, which debuted on the US charts at number 52. With Jordan Rudess firmly behind the keyboards, DREAM THEATER next recorded ‘Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From A Memory’; issued in 1999, it was voted “the number one all-time progressive album” in a poll conducted by Rolling Stone in 2012. The group's sixth album, 2002's ‘Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence’ which explored different themes of lifetime struggle such as alcoholism, loss of faith, self-isolation, sanctity of life and death and various mental illnesses, landed position number 46 on the Billboard Top 200. After 2003's ‘Train Of Thought’ came the band's final release on Atlantic Records, 2005's ‘Octavian’, followed by their first album issued on Roadrunner Records, 2007's ‘Systematic Chaos’, which peaked in the top twenty in eight countries' sales charts (at number 19 in the USA): 

The last album to feature founding member Mike Portnoy, 2009's ‘Black Clouds & Silver Linings’, conquered European Albums Chart as well as Finnish and Hungarian charts, came in at number 2 in Japan, at number 3 in Sweden, Germany and Holland, at number 4 in Poland and at number 6 in USA and Canada:

2011's ‘A Dramatic Turn Of Events’, for which DREAM THEATER “underwent a self-proclaimed musical change, reevaluating and restructuring themselves”, was a commercial success, selling 36,000 units in the United States in its debut week, where it charted at number 8 on the Billboard Top 200:

DREAM THEATER features: James LaBrie – leading vocals, John Petrucci – guitar and backing vocals, John Myung – bass, Jordan Rudess – keyboards and Mike Mangini – drums


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