10 December, 2011

Free EP: Eyeresist: Between The Lines – new EP


Kuwaiti metalcore/deathcore act EYERESIST is offering their new EP ‘Between The Lines’ for free listening and free download here (BandCamp), here (MediaFire) and here (MegaUpload). Released in November 2011 and also available via that handy player you’ll find below, ‘Between The Lines’ consists of 7 tracks.

Formed in 2010 by bassist Adel Kerboushi, guitarist Yasser Kerboushi, vocalist Nasser Hajiah and drummer and guitarist Khalid Al-Mansour, and listening to all the right bands (such as ALL SHALL PERISH, AFTER THE BURIAL, BURY YOUR DEAD, TESSERACT etc), EYERESIST reportedly “expose an extraordinary eloquence in their collision of melody and metal”. Furthermore, “their spoken words have yet to deliver a deeper meaning than mere words, which help them build their musical landscape”.

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