31 December, 2011

Otargos: Worship Industrialized - new video



With whom better to conclude this year, dear visitor, than French optimists OTARGOS, heh. Turning once more to director Federico Anastasi (Undeci | Decimi) - whose other creation can be viewed below - for his talent and artistic approach deemed fit to illustrate the modern dimension of OTARGOS' music, ‘Worship Industrialized’ comes from the group's fourth full-length, ‘No God No Satan’. The aforementioned recording was issued on Season Of Mist Records in August/September 2010. The track ‘Cloning The Divine’ can be downloaded free of charge here, courtesy of the label. Buy OTARGOS stuff here.

“With ‘Worship Industrialized’ we really wanted to get out of all clichés, out of usual atmospheres and shades in order to obtain a result that is faithful to the modern spirit and style of OTARGOS. We wished for something really personal. The purpose was to obtain a unique, violent, barbaric but also desolate atmosphere. The set is a post-apocalyptic burnt landscape in which evolves a mutated civilization that worship absurd myths from the past. This past is actually nothing more than our present. To reach this visual goal, we shot almost all the scenes in natural light. The epileptic picture effect is not the fruit of postproduction work, but the result of a simultaneous multicam capture, a genuine recording process designed by the director. It’s interesting enough to be noted. With this video clip OTARGOS wishes to spread its contemporary image beyond the live performances and impose its “dark extreme metal” style. It also represents the opportunity for us to get loose from the fundamentalist black metal scene with which we feel no affinity anymore. We closed a 10-year chapter with the latest release and this video masterpiece is just the beginning of a new era for OTARGOS. The next album is being prepared and it announces a time of change,” [takes no prisoners the band]

OTARGOS was founded in Bordeaux in 2001 by singer and guitarist Dagoth and drummer R. F. Lord Mysterium. With bassist XxX OTARGOS released their first demo, ‘Conqueror, Conqueror … Destroyer’, in 2002. With second guitarist Kernuun added to the lineup, the French recorded their second demo, ‘Codex-666, Infernal Legions Strike’, in 2003. In 2004,  Arkhamian replaced Lord Mysterium on drums, as OTARGOS issued their debut album 2005's ‘Ten-Eyed Nemesis’. Basing their philosophy on cosmology and a dark antithetic vision of humanity and determined to disassociate themselves from the classical Satanic concept of black metal, OTARGOS explored new musical horizons on their second full-length, 2007's ‘Kinetic Zero’. Their next release, 2009's ‘Fuck God-Disease Process’, reportedly took France by storm (as reported by Season Of Mist Records). The band recruited yet another new drummer, Thyr, before recording their fourth album, ‘No God – No Satan’ (which causes you to “stare into the pitch black abyss of cosmic finitude with a sardonic smile”). Following the departure of guitarist Astaroth just recently, OTARGOS welcomed Thomas Fringan as his replacement.



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