29 December, 2011

Stahlmann: Tanzmaschine – new video



Germany's electro-rockers STAHLMANN invite you to “dance with them” like a “tanzmachine” with their first single, ‘Tanzmachine’ (“a song dominated by a pervasive groove that literally awakes the steel machine to life”), off their upcoming second album ‘Quecksilber’, which awaits its release come January 20th, 2012 on AFM Records. ‘Quecksilber’ was produced by acclaimed producer Jose Alvarez Brill.

Apparently, not only due to their unique appearance STAHLMANN represent a new era of German rock music; a new generation of hard, German music, which began in the mid '90s (“Neue Deutsche Härte”) with pioneers like DIE KRUPPS and OOMPH who invented a formula that was brought to perfection several years later by RAMMSTEIN. Formed in 2008 in Göttingen, Germany, STAHLMANN combine industrial sound with driving rhythms and catchy metal and deliver their catchy lyrics with that deep, distinctive voice, wrapping it all up with spectacular appearance.

“In our daily lives, we often appear as cold and emotionless as machines,” says singer and songwriter Mart. “We follow the mechanics of everyday life and run commands as if we were robots. Only at night, we awake to life and immerse ourselves in a world that is going on in the clubs. We can drive us from the music and go out of ourselves.” [He continues:] “The new album was intended to be even more danceable than our debut [2010's ‘Stahlmann’]. The idea was to cross metal guitars with danceable EBM and dance, with much more focus on the electronic song elements, while remaining true to ourselves.”

STAHLMANN features: Martin Soer – vocals and programming and Tobi Berkefeld - guitar and programming


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