09 December, 2011

Prey For Nothing: Against All Good & Evil – new album


Israel's own melodic death metallers', PREY FOR NOTHING, new album entitled ‘Against All Good & Evil’ has just been released on Massacre Records, December 9th, 2011. Featuring “thirteen massive hitters glittering with metallic brilliance, combining progressive metal elements with sheer death metal brutality” and generally being “the next step in the evolution of true metal”, ‘Against All Good & Evil’ was recorded at Hertz Studios in Poland, in November 2010. Album's artwork was created by established artist Paul Gerrard. You’ll find two tracks off the new album, ‘Buried By The Light’ (also appears on ‘My Final Relapse’ 4-track single) and ‘Deciphering The Signal’, as well as the video for the track ‘My Final Relapse’, filmed and directed by Alex Osmolovsky and Sergey Maydin below.

PREY FOR NOTHING, comprised of Yaniv Aboudy (guitar), Amir Salomon (bass), Iftah Levi (drums) and Yotam “Defiler” Avni (vocals), recorded their thrash & death metal debut album, ‘Violence Divine’, with Danish producer Jacob Hansen and released it in 2008 through Rusty Cage Records. (Visit PREY FOR NOTHING's SoundCloud and listen to/download the album – here) Joined by second guitarist Tal Behar, the group self-released a 4-track single entitled ‘My Final Relapse’ in March 2011. An interview with the group - which requires a bit of good will and patience from the listener – for Hebrew-speaking population is available here (Ov Metal).

Follow-up: In February 2012, PREY FOR NOTHING released Jonathan Segal-directed and Nadav Avny-produced video for ‘Chekhov's Gun’, available for viewing below.

PREY FOR NOTHING: Buried By The Light – courtesy of Prey For Nothing

PREY FOR NOTHING: Deciphering The Signal – courtesy of Prey For Nothing



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