19 December, 2011

Full Album Stream: Vyrion: Vyrion – semi-new album


Steel Druhm saw them first. VYRION, blackened progressive metallers (with a Scandinavian-influenced sound) from Brisbane, Australia, that is. Their debut, self-titled album released back in August 2011 on Rockdale Records, can be listened to in full and bought for the generous price of your choosing here, via VYRION's BandCamp page, and here on VYRION's Facebook (also available for your listening pleasure below). Four years in the making, the album delivers nine scathing tracks running to a total length of fifty-two minutes.

[Summarizes his review of the album Angry Metal Guy's Steel Druhm:] “I love being blown away by unknown bands and that’s exactly what VYRION did. This is a band to watch and watch closely. If you like your extreme music served with original and innovative ideas, this will be a welcome surprise for you as well. Given the non-existent buzz and geographic isolation facing this release, the word must be gotten out to the Angry Metal Hordes! Give it a listen and if you like it, spread the news far and wide. Steel Druhm demands that you support quality underground metal! And I ask for so little.” [Ain’t he sweet?]

VYRION features: Dale Williams - guitar and vocals, Chris Cox - bass and vocals, Mark Boyce – guitar and Leo Graae - drums

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