20 December, 2011

2011 summary / Hanukkah 5772 wrap-up

The undisputed conqueror of my ears for the month of January must be BELPHEGOR's ‘Blood Magick Necromance’ (whose Helmuth Lehner is hopefully back in form by now and writing new satanic verses). Respite was found with TIMES OF GRACE and  with THE BRONX CASKET CO. Oh, and I’ve cheered for ONSLAUGHT as well. 

In February, DEVILDRIVER's ‘Beast’ ruled supreme. Nevertheless, I paid my dues to metal kings DEICIDE, DESTRUCTION and CROWBAR, and was converted to OMNIUM GATHERUM's cause.

In March, I was blown away by outstanding young talents SCALE THE SUMMIT, TESSERACT, THE HUMAN ABSTRACT and OBSCURA. As for Scandinavian flavor, I enjoyed Mr. Laiho's (CHILDREN OF BODOM) vicious guitar solos, I marched towards Mount Doom with AMON AMARTH, and whistled along THE HAUNTED's tunes. 

In April, I officially joined SEPTICFLESH order or something, for I have diligently promoted their cause ever since. RED FANG though warmed my heart, as have BELIEVER and MALIGNO. Monthly dose of brimstone and fire was in April provided by KRALLICE, SAMAEL and LAKE OF TEARS

AnaalNathrakh_Passion In May, I agonized with ANAAL NATHRAKH passionately, I  suffered through HATE ETERNAL's and NADER SADEK's releases voluntarily, I didn't find XERATH's record tedious at all, I listened to retro-futurists END OF LEVEL BOSS, and I shamelessly enjoyed CHROME DIVISION's album.

In June, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER released their perfect album. In June, you sure liked AZARATH (hello Poland). In June, NOCTEM began their cloven-footed march. To balance things out, THE QUILL, WOLVES LIKE US, DJERV and RIVAL SONS came up with their releases. Ah, what a month June turned out to be; notwithstanding the remixes, I must admit I even liked the last PAIN record. A lot. 

July belonged to ALL SHALL PERISH, LOCK UP, CHTHONIC, UNEARTH and BATTLECROSS. Luckily, THE LIVING FIELDS' and 40 WATT SUN's releases provided a breathing spell.

In August, I was chasing storms with ICS VORTEX, enjoyed a hike in the forest with FALLS OF RAUROS, and rejoiced and wept simultaniously with GHOST BRIGADE. I admired REVOCATION, firmly stood by TRIVIUM and was charmed by CHIMAIRA.

Well, September was MASTODON's of course, but MACHINE HEAD and GLORIOR BELLI came close second. The magic of the month was supplied by PRIMUS, ARCH / MATHEOS, TEXURES, OLD SILVER KEY and RWAKE. The other kind of magic (based upon serious lack of sunlight in their lives) came with TAAKE and ARCKANUM

In October, SKELETONWITCH triumphed, though ABSU, TSJUDER, VALLENFYRE and ETERNAL GRAY have nothing to be ashamed about. Monthly melody was feathered by INSOMNIUM and SÓLSTAFIR.   

MEMFIS finally released their second album in November, when I cheered for BLUT AUS NORD for the second time in 2011. And KRISIUN, CYNIC, ESOTERIC and RIOT came up with some great stuff. Oh, and I like AS I LAY DYING and neither you or they can do a thing about it.

Korn_PathOfTotality Well, in December I had to admit KORN do know their dubstep. Taste is such a funny, personal and subjective thing isn’t it, and ours especially, being of an acquired kind. And so, CORMORANT find themselves standing proudly right next to Skrillex on my “best of” list for 2011. See you in 2012.

Yours truly :-)

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