16 December, 2011

Novembers Doom: Harvest Scythe – new video



NOVEMBERS DOOM new video ‘Harvest Scythe’, taken from the May 2011 release ‘Aphotic’ was first shown here (MetalSucks). Directed by Erik Johnson, the clip features Ashley Johnson (“Some of you may recognize the lovely Ashley Johnson from the pages of “Playboy”,” explains the band) and NOVEMBERS DOOM new drummer Garry Naples, who has recently replaced Sasha Horn.

“The song is about internal conflict in one's mind, somewhat multiple personalities. The video shows her going through different personalities, and not being able to escape from them. The different clothes she wears, the chalk outlines on the floor… The house represents her mind where she’s “trapped” and it’s supposed to play like a loop, where if you watch the video a second time, it almost seems like it’s supposed to start over.” [Vocalist Paul Kuhr told to Metalsucks – more here]

With “its roots in darkness and melancholic madness, reminiscent of the band's early work but bringing something new and modern to the listener”, NOVEMBERS DOOM latest effort came out in May 2011 on The End Records. ‘Aphotic’ features guest appearances from vocalist Anneke Van Giersbergen (THE GATHERING) on the song ‘What Could Have Been’ – its video, directed by Tony Myles, is available below – and the talented, world renowned violinist Rachel Barton Pine (EARTHEN GRAVE). The man behind the mixing board, Dan Swanö, has added his voice and mighty growl to ‘Of Age And Origin’ (listen here).

NOVEMBERS DOOM started out as thrash & death metal band under the name “Laceration” in Illinois, USA, in 1989. As the sound gradually began to change to heavier and slower, and new name was adopted as the band-members felt it more suitable. Their first success came in Europe, when in 1992 NOVEMBERS DOOM signed a recording contract with Italy's Regress Records. The two songs recorded caught the attention of Avantgarde Records, which released band's full-length debut, ‘Amid Its Hallowed Mirth’, in 1995. Major lineup overhauls later, with vocalist Paul Kuhr and female vocalist Cathy Jo Hejna the only two original band-members left, the reformed group released an EP entitled ‘For Every Leaf That Falls’ in 1997. Favorable reviews led to a signing a contract with Martyr Music which released their second album, 1999's ‘Sculptured Ivy & Stone Flowers’. Third album, ‘The Knowing’, was released in 2000 through Dark Symphonies:

“With its bold arrangements, its technical virtuosity, and its command of the doom genre, NOVEMBERS DOOM appear to have a rare gift for crystallizing the finest elements of doom oh-so-precisely, while simultaneously giving those European masters a serious run for their superiority,” [commented AllMusic's Jason Hundey – more here]

Producer's Neil Kernon help was enlisted for the band's next offering, 2002's ‘To Welcome The Fade’, which AllMusic dubbed as “a bona fide classic of a heavy metal album”. After signing with The End Records, NOVEMBERS DOOM turned to producer James Murphy for their death & gothic metal album, ‘The Pale Haunt Departure’, released in 2005. After touring Europe for the first time, the group released yet faster sixth full-length, Chris Djuricic-produced ‘The Novella Reservoir’ (2007). The cooperation with the producer continued on the release that followed, 20th anniversary album ‘Into Night's Requiem Infernal’, with famous Swede Dan Swanö handling the mixing for the third time. Listen to the record via the player available below and buy the effort here (BandCamp) :

NOVEMBERS DOOM features: Paul Kuhr – vocals, Larry Roberts – guitar, Vito Marchese – guitar, Mike Feldman – bass and Garry Naples – drums


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