03 September, 2013

A Pale Horse Named Death: DMSLT – new video

Exciting/depressing since May 2013, due courtesy SPV/Steamhammer, ‘DMSLT’ comes from A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH's second longplayer ‘Lay My Soul To Waste’. Described as “think ALICE IN CHAINS, only harder, angrier and with a more perverse view of the world” and not recommended to those who harbour suicidal tendencies, ‘Lay My Soul To Waste’s art was once again created by the amazing dark artist Sam Shearon a.k.a Mr. Sam. Theme-wise, APHND founder, vocalist and guitarist Sal Abruscato is said to write lyrics “no different than the narratives of the horror movie playing at your local multiplex; largely fiction, with some nuggets or kernels of truth embedded within”. Do enjoy the pair of new A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH tunes below and buy ‘Lay My Soul To Waste’ from Amazon, iTunes, EMP Online Shop or Spotify.

A project envisioned by TYPE O NEGATIVE and LIFE OF AGONY's Sal Abruscato in 2011 in Brooklyn, New York, A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH sound is being dotingly described as “[that of] ALICE IN CHAINS mysteriously sneaking up behind TYPE O NEGATIVE with a butcher knife while being filmed for a future episode of "Law & Order" ”. Abruscato's partner in crime is Matt Brown, sound engineer and guitarist of SEVENTH VOID (“The chemistry between me and Matt is unique and flawless; very rare in today's music. We are the murdering evil version of Lennon and McCartney”). The said chemistry bore fruit soon enough and the band issued their debut album ‘And Hell Will Follow Me’ on SPV/Steamhammer, still available for your listening pleasure in full here (Metal Insider) and (in nearly full) here (Sal Abruscato's YouTube channel):
“This is sludgy but consistently melodic alt-metal with elements of doom metal, stoner rock, grunge, and gothic metal; ‘And Hell Will Follow Me’ is heavy without being heavy-handed,” [wrote  Alex Henderson, AllMusic]. “It is also an album that, lyrically, never fails to be gloomy and morose… in other words, [it] is not an album that should be playing in the background if one is answering the phone for a suicide prevention hotline. But not all music is obligated to provide happy, cheerful escapism; dark lyrics certainly have their place as well, and dark lyrics are the rule on ‘The Hell Will Follow Me’.” [Read more here:]

A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH features (various serial killers with obsessive compulsive disorders): Sal Abruscato – lead vocals and guitar, Matt Brown – guitar and production, Dave Bizzigotti – bass, Eddie Heedles – guitar and Johnny Kelly – drums
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