10 September, 2013

Full Album Stream: Nhor: Within The Darkness Between The Starlight – new album



Shrouded in such mystery that I have never even heard of him until just now, NHOR has a new album out since August 30th, 2013. Courtesy Prophecy Productions, listen to his ‘Within The Darkness Between The Starlight’ here (Prophesy's YouTube channel) or below and, presuming you are liking it, buy the album here (Prophecy online store). Accompanied by a short story written by Nhor with unique artwork specially illustrated for the album, ‘Within The Darkness Between The Starlight’ is available as gatefold double LP limited to 500 copies. The album's cover art was created by Sin-eater.


Creating his own dreamlike world defined by music, literature, and visual art since 2009, NHOR is a one-man project from Herefordshire, Midlands, United Kingdom. He says he owes everything he created to the universe:

“I owe it to the stars and planets, to the moon and the earth, to the wind and the rain. To the forest and its creatures, everything I have is borrowed from them. My music is but a poor interpretation of their song and my imagination is but a diluted replica of mother natures.”

Nhor's musical panorama spans from piano compositions on 2009's ‘Nhor’ and 2010's ‘Upon Which Was Written Within The Stars’, to archaic black metal on 2011's ‘Whisperers To This Archaic Growth’. Each release was accompanied by Nhor's own short stories, each of which was written in the context of their releases as well as to the project's own imagery. Enjoy this enigmatic artist's entire music catalog here (BandCamp).









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