20 September, 2013

Onslaught: VI – new album


“ ‘VI’ is a fucking beast of an album in every sense of the word. With the world sinking deeper into darkness each passing day we at least now have the perfect soundtrack for the journey south. ‘VI’ truly is the sound of Hell on Earth,” [wrote Matt Phelps, Uber Rock – more here]
‘VI’, ONSLAUGHT's sixth album, is out now, September 20th, 2013, through AFM Records. Their latest genre's classic was recorded at Hansen Studios in Denmark with producer Jacob Hansen; ONSLAUGHT's main man Nige Rockett is mightily proud of the final result:
“We really pushed ourselves to the limits in making this record and I think that truly shines thru in the final results. ‘VI’ is the most brutal and technical album ONSLAUGHT has ever made no question, it’s old school, it’s contemporary and it’s fucking aggressive in the extreme, with a few big surprises thrown in for a good measure… We’ve gone about the whole album-making process with a completely different approach and mindset this time around, ranging from the artwork [created by Par Oloffson] thru to the final mixes with Thomas Johansson, who I must single out for mention along with our drummer Michael Hourihan for really upping the ante in the ass kicking stakes! We’re feeling kinda proud right now and pretty confident the fans are gonna dig it too...!”
Get violated by two new (out of nine) ONSLAUGHT tunes below, and get your own copy of ‘VI’ from EMP, from here and here (Nuclear Blast store), from AFM Records here, or from Amazon:

ONSLAUGHT was formed in Bristol, England in early 1980's by guitarist Nige Rockett and drummer Steve Grice. In 1985, the duo was joined by bass player Jase Stallard and vocalist Paul Mahoney. The band that has started as a punk band gradually transformed into Britain's finest thrash collective. As a quartet, they released their debut album, ‘Power From Hell’, in 1985. More successful 1986's ‘The Force’ followed after Stallard switched instrumental duties and became the group's second guitarist, and new vocalist Sy Keeler replaced Mahoney who took over Stallard's vacated bass position. ‘The Force’ is considered ONSLAUGHT's classic by critics and fans alike. Several lineup changes and the addition of GRIM REAPER's vocalist Steve Grimmett later, ONSLAUGHT's third studio album, ‘In Search Of Sanity’, was released in 1989. After disbanding in 1991, the band reunited in 2004 with Sy Keeler on vocals, Alan Jordan on guitar, Nige Rockett on guitar, James Hinder on bass and Steve Grice on drums and released 2007's ‘Killing Peace’:
“If one needs a sports analogy, ONSLAUGHT come across like veteran baseball players who never made it to the major leagues but have done a lot of training and working out in recent years and are determined to make up for lost time. There is nothing uneven or inconsistent about this CD; the material is excellent, the performances inspired, crisp and undeniably focused,” wrote Alex Henderson, AllMusic – more here]
In 2010, the band signed with Germany's AFM Records through which they put forth ONSLAUGHT's fifth record and which was described as “extremely violent and back to our roots but also sounding very contemporary” by Nige Rockett. ‘Sounds Of Violence’ outsold its predecessor in less than one year. “You have to respect these veterans for choosing to forgo safety in nostalgia and risk exploring a more modernized mosh machinery on ‘Sounds Of Violence’,” commented Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic (more here).

ONSLAUGHT features: Sy Keeler – vocals, Nige Rockett – guitar, Jeff Williams – bass, Andy Rosser-Davies – guitar and Mic Hourihan - drums

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