12 September, 2013

Full Album Stream: Windhand: Soma – new album


“Nothing short of transcendent”, visit Pitchfork here (or simply scroll down) for “syrupy slow, downtuned doom hooky and anthemic” ‘Soma’, WINDHAND's forthcoming album due everywhere by September 17th, 2013 via Relapse Records. Stirred by singer Dorthia Cottrell's beautifully haunting voice, chaperoned by WINDHAND's dual guitar attack, ‘Soma’ was recorded and mixed by the band's own guitarist Garrett Morris and mastered by James Plotkin at The Darkroom in Richmond, Virginia. In severe case of overconfidence in order to balance things out, or simply because you like what you hear, visit Relapse Records' store here or WINDHAND's BandCamp page here, or search for ‘Soma’ on iTunes and at Amazon's/Amazon MP3:
“The songs on ‘Soma’ fit together so well, and lead the listener on such a progressive journey from fist-pumping exhilaration to utter despair that it’s easy to imagine it as a concept album,” [discovered Karen A. Mann for About.com (more here), while the album certainly deeply affected Angry Metal Guy's Steel Druhm who spewed:] “ ‘Soma’ is 75 minutes of ponderous, tooth-rattling SABBATH riffs slowed to a dead snail's pace and each song is an extended exercise in dronation, elongation and attention deficit failure. While certainly heavy, this seemingly wood-themed album is often as interesting as its inanimate subject matter while being devoid of anything the listener can hang onto as the endless waves of monotonous riffs sweep them downstream to the moss peepery.” [More here:]

Founded in 2009 in Richmond Virginia, WINDHAND is a stoner, doom metal band made up of guitarist Aschiah Bogdan, bassist Parker Chandler, vocalist Dorthia Cottrell, guitarist Garrett Morris, and drummer Ryan Wolfe. In March 2012, WINDHAND released their self-titled debut LP which became an instant underground hit, selling out multiple vinyl presses in a matter of months. The album was recorded and mixed by guitarist Garret Morris and mastered by Bill McElroy:

WINDHAND officially signed to Relapse Records in March 2013. As a prelude to their second album, they released a split with their label mates COUGH in April 2013.

WINDHAND features: Asechiah Bogdan – guitar, Parker Chandler – bass, Dorthia Cottrell – vocals, Garrett Morris – guitar and Ryan Wolfe - drums

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