14 September, 2013

Full Album Stream: Noire: Dark Reverence – new album


Winnipeg, Canada's NOIRE and Deathbound Records have kindly made the band's entire debut album, ‘Dark Reverence’, available for our listening pleasure, so enjoy it below and support the group here (NOIRE's Facebook store) or through Deathbound here (once available). ‘Dark Reverence’ official release date is set for October 1st, 2013:
“Not afraid to wear their influences on their sleeves, NOIRE draw inspiration from bands such as DISSECTION, OPETH, ENSLAVED, and EMPEROR, unleashing brooding twin guitar harmonies, thunderous drum work, intelligent bass lines and snarling vocals to create an atmosphere that is uniquely their own:”

NOIRE, a progressive black metal band, was founded by vocalist, guitarist and pianist Andrew Lawes and guitarist Bob Fitzgerald in Winnipeg, Canada in 2011. Joined by drummer Derrick Kroll and bassist Craig Peeples a year later, the band's list of interest encompasses such divisive subjects as forest, music, grimness, coffee and health.

NOIRE features: Andrew Lawes - electric and acoustic guitar, vocals and piano, Bob Fitzgerald - electric and acoustic guitar, Craig Peeples – bass and Derrick Kroll - drums

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