05 October, 2013

In Solitude: Sister – new album


According to a legend, a long long time ago, in 2002, under the Uppsala moon, the spirits of ancient evil and old metal were summoned and celebrated by cloaked guitarist Niklas Lindstrom, drummer Uno Bruniusson, bassist Gottfrid Ahman and guitarist and vocalist Henrik Helenius. With vocalist Pelle Åhman up front, IN SOLITUDE in 2013 once more drew inspiration from tones from below and voices from the deep. The ‘Sister’, the band's third full-length, was recorded at Studio Cobra in Stockholm, Sweden with producer Martin “Konie” Ehrencrona, who mixed the album as well. The record, which concludes with an 8-minute near trance-like opus that features guest guitarist WATAIN's Pelle Forsberg, is available digitally, on CD, and as 180 gram black vinyl since 30th of September 2013 in Europe and since October the 1st in North America on Metal Blade Records. Listen to the album in its melancholic entirety below, courtesy of Metal Blade Records, and buy it here (Metal Blade store) or via iTunes:

IN SOLITUDE was formed in 2002 in Uppsala, Sweden by guitarist Niklas Lindstrom, drummer Uno Bruniusson, bassist Gottfrid Ahman and guitarist and vocalist Henrik Helenius. Vocalist Hornper had joined the group a year later. The band went on to release a self-titled demo in 2004, replaced Heleius with Mattias Gustafsson in 2005 and recorded another demo entitled ‘Hidden Dangers’ in 2006, which Sweden's S.M.P. Records re-issued in 2008. The group's debut album was reportedly issued on Pure Steel Records without a proper title. The touring that ensued caused guitarist Mattias Gustafsson to “return to the mist wherein he came” in 2009, and was replaced by grateful vocalist and guitarist Henrik Palm who commented:
“Soon it will be winter and I am very happy to be a part of the snowstorm of broken glass that is IN SOLITUDE. I’ve got a good feeling that we will pierce quite a few hearts. There will be some blood in the snow. My blood. Everyone's blood. Ideas are growing into actions. More blood in the snow. It’s great. Passion. Fire. I love these guys. We are really doing something that will make motion. It’s in the air around us right now. We love each other and we love that fire that moves us. It’s something not of this world and I am one of the instruments that makes this happen, and that’s a beautiful thing.”
Metal Blade Records couldn’t curb their enthusiasm either and would sign IN SOLITUDE in 2010. Later that same year, the horde had entered Nicke Anderson's studio Gutterview Recorders in Stockholm, Sweden with producer Fred Estby to record the band's sophomore record, which was released in 2011. ‘The World.The Flesh.The Devil’ was released to worldwide praise from press and fans alike and had landed the fourth place on Decibel Magazine's “Top 40 Extreme Albums” of 2011. Furthermore, Terrorizer Magazine described the album as “finely crafted, occult-oriented, melodic heavy metal of the highest order”:

IN SOLITUDE features: Pelle Åhman – vocals, Niklas Lindström – guitar, Henrik Palm- guitar, Gottfrid Åhman - bass and Uno Bruniusson - drums

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