24 October, 2013

Full Album Stream: So Hideous: Last Poem / First Light – new album


They call themselves SO HIDEOUS (surely they can’t be as hideous as some people who visit this blog) and yet they make quite compassionate music – perhaps that’s what it means to be hideous these days. I wouldn’t know. It would be quite interesting to watch those films (that have yet to exist) SO HIDEOUS write soundtracks for; in the meantime we can agree they have successfully encapsulated the grandiose penchant of classical music and post-rock combined with the rawness of hardcore and black metal. Their touching work is called ‘Last Poem / First Light’; it was released on October the 22nd, 2013 and has been described as “rich and cathartic” by Terrorizer and “so furious and so morose” by MetalSucks. ‘Last Poem / First Light’ was recorded and mixed by Dean Baltulonis and mastered by Scott Hull; the orchestral and choral sounds on the album were performed live in the studio by The First Light Orchestra, a New York-based group consisting of ten string players, a tuba, and four vocalists. SO HIDEOUS was formed in New York, United States by composer and guitarist Brandon Cruz. Support the group and buy the album:

SO HIDEOUS features: Brandon – guitar and keyboard, Chris – vocals and bass, Danny – drums and Etienne – guitar

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