24 October, 2013

Full Album Stream: Protest The Hero: Volition – new album



Perhaps they should remain “Happy Go Lucky” but they are called PROTEST THE HERO now and their fourth studio album, ‘Volition’, is streaming in full below; due on Razor & Tie on October the 29th, 2013, the album was founded entirely by the band's generous fans, via an Indiegogo campaign. Produced, engineered and mixed chiefly by Cameron McLellan, with Anthony Calabretta, Julius Butty, Jason Dufour, Jack Clow and Riley Bell chipping in when and where necessary, the ‘Volition’ proudly presents LAMB OF GOD's Chris Adler on drums, numerous guest vocalists including Canadian folk musician Jadea Kelly, guest guitarists Ron Jarzombek and Wyatt Schutt, and guest violinist Raha Javanfar. The way I see it, the album comes equipped with three different covers (in a very happy-go-lucky manner, I may add): a before and after vulture affair, as well as Noah ark-inspired painting by Dan Mumford – all available here, on Noise & Stuff, heh. So, enjoy the album and make sure you order it from here (PROTEST THE HERO official store), from iTunes or via Amazon:




“I wouldn’t really call us a family,” explained vocalist Rody Walker, “but we’re definitely more than friends. I’ve slept in a bed next to Luke [Hosnin, guitar] more times than I’ve slept next to my own girlfriend.” PROTEST THE HERO was formed in 1999 in Ontario, Canada, when its members were just fourteen years of age. Originally named “Happy Go Lucky”, the name changed prior to PROTEST THE HERO's release of debut EP, ‘Search For Truth’, in 2002. “Frantically melding metal, punk, hardcore - and a touch of emo” on their 2005's debut album ‘Kezia’, with “less poppy and more technical metal” album entitled ‘Fortress’ following in 2008 – the time was right “to slow down and appreciate how far PROTEST THE HERO [have] come since their debut album,” wrote Katherine Fulton, AllMusic (more here). Canada appreciated PROTEST THE HERO's progress and ‘Fortress’ conquered the band's home country charts. The year the band-mates all turned twenty-five, PROTEST THE HERO recorded their third album ‘Scurrilous’; less successful than its predecessor, the 2011's effort nevertheless peaked at number 8 on the Canadian Albums Chart and at number 81 on the Billboard Top 200. ‘Scurrilous’ was described as “stripped down, punishing, and more aloof than the two previous albums” by James Christopher Monger, AllMusic, but even he couldn’t “argue with its execution and conviction” (more here)

PROTEST THE HERO features: Rody Walker – vocals, Luke Hoskin – guitar, Tim Millar – guitar and Arif Mirabdolbaghi – bass




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