17 October, 2013

Kill Division: Destructive Force – new album



Featuring former LEGION OF THE DAMNED and GOD DETHRONED members and skillfully combining death, grind and thrash metal, KILL DIVISION's debut album is out now, since October the 15th, 2013, on Metal Blade Records. ‘Destructive Force’ is a “practiced, precise, and mercilessly heavy attack” – it really is -  delivered from three veterans of the European death metal scene namely guitarist, bassist and vocalist Richard Ebisch, guitarist and vocalist Susan Gerl and drummer Roel Sanders. The album was recorded at Toneshed Recording Studio (“the place they called home for many late nights”) in Horst, Netherlands (the country they call home) and was mixed and mastered in Andy Classen's Stage One studio in Borgentreich, Germany “with hammer, care, and kerosine”. Both Richard Ebisch and Susan Gerl tracked the vocals for ‘Destructive Force’, something neither guitarist had done before (Gerl commented: “Neither of us had any experience with singing that long and that much and recording our vocals this way.”) Musically, the album represents the group's collective efforts (Ebisch stated: “This entire album was written in the rehearsal room as a band process to which each band member contributed equally.”), while lyrically, Gerl, who penned the lyrics for the entire record, explained that ‘Destructive Force’ draws on (the band's) every day life experiences and world events including Natascha Kampusch, an Austrian woman held prisoner and tormented for nearly nine years (‘Locked Up Forever’) and “I Robot” movie (‘Mechanic Domination’ which deals with our dependence on technology). So, take a listen below and if you like what you hear, buy ‘Destructive Force’ here (Metal Blade store), on iTunes or Amazon/Amazon MP3.

KILL DIVISION features: Susan Gerl – guitar and vocals, Richard Ebisch – guitar, bass and vocals and Roel Sanders – drums


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