12 October, 2013

Full Album Stream: Monster Magnet: Last Patrol – new album


I love MONSTER MAGNET. Always have and always will. And I hope they keep on making great music – forever. So, visit Noisey here and listen to their tenth album (“a testament to everything they stand for”) called ‘Last Patrol’, before it comes out October the 15th, 2013 in North America and October 21st, 2013 in Europe through Napalm Records. And while you’re listening, read the in-depth interview Noisey's Jon Wiederhorn conducted with MONSTER MAGNET's mustached frontman Dave Wyndorf (who said, for example: “AMON DUUL II and YES weren’t drug guys. For the most part, they were art-school guys who were classically trained and tried to pull off really, really complex parts that fused all this different kind of stuff together. There’s no time for tripping when you’re doing that shit.” or “Drugs aren’t the answer. They never have been. There’s a huge romantic myth that they’re a fast-track and you’re gonna see through the doors of perception and find the answers. And, yeah, you do see things but it’s because your perception is altered.”) here (Noisey). And finally, order your own copy of ‘Last Patrol’ here (MONSTER MAGNET official store), here (Napalm Records online store) or via iTunes or Amazon:

Formed in 1989 in Red Bank, New Jersey, MONSTER MAGNET spent much of the 1990s “struggling against the prejudices imposed upon image and sound by alternative rock fashion nazis”, as put by AllMusic's Eduardo Rivadavia (more here). The band, who developed a sludgy, feedback-heavy hard rock sound that helped them stand out from the era's burgeoning retro-rock movement, signed with independent label Caroline Records in 1992 and recorded their first full-length album - uniquely dark psychedelic masterpiece entitled ‘Spine of God’. In 1993, they released ‘Superjudge’ on A&M Records which fared poorly commercially arriving at the height of the post-NIRVANA alternative boom and ‘Tab…25’ which was originally released in Europe in 1991. Under mounting pressure to deliver a more commercial follow-up, MONSTER MAGNET delivered a decidedly sleeker effort in 1995; ‘Dopes To Infinity’ “delivered” top-ten rock single ‘Negasonic Teenage Warhead’ but the album sold only slightly better than its predecessor. Finally, the band's dogged persistence paid off with their fourth album, ‘Powertrip’ (1998), which reached Gold status on the strength of its massive hard rock hit ‘Space Lord’. MONSTER MAGNET went on two years worth of world tours with the likes of AEROSMITH, METALLICA, ROB ZOMBIE and MARILYN MANSON. Their next effort, 2000/2001's ‘God Says No’, failed to match the commercial success of the band's previous release. As a result, MONSTER MAGNET were dropped by their record label. Following this unforeseen setback, “Wyndorf watched as various band members pursued side projects” but the band reunited in 2003 and was signed by the German SPV record label though which they released ‘Monolithic Baby!’ in 2004. MONSTER MAGNET's seventh studio album, ‘4-Way Diablo’, was came next in 2007, after the band's leader Dave Wyndorf nearly succumbed to a drug overdose in early 2006: “Much to the delight of concerned longtime fans, the album signaled a strong return to form for a band that came very close to being cut short,” breathed a sigh of relief Greg Prato, AllMusic (more here). In 2010, MONSTER MAGNET delivered ‘Mastermind’ LP, an “incredibly compelling [album] in its own fashion and, most importantly, reliably entertaining, which is something that’s increasingly lacking in new millennium rock & roll” (wrote Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic – more here). ‘Mastermind’ entered the UK Indie Charts at number 18, US Indie Charts at number 23, Swedish Albums Charts at number 34, German Albums Chart at number 38, Norwegian Albums Chart at  number 41 and debuted at number 165 on the Billboard Top 200, selling around 3000 copies in its first week of release. Not band for a band whose interests include hypnosis, self delusion and puppetry.

MONSTER MAGNET features: Dave Wyndorf – vocals, Ed Mundell – guitar, Phil Caivano – guitar, Jim Baglino – bass and Bob Pantella – drums

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