17 October, 2013

Rivers Of Nihil: The Conscious Seed Of Light – new album



Out since October the 15th, 2013 on Metal Blade Records, Reading, Pennsylvania's RIVERS OF NIHIL debut album, ‘The Conscious Seed Of Light’ was recorded with HATE ETERNAL's Erik Rutan at Mana Recording Studios in St. Petersburg, Florida. And since “the man hears every minute detail of everything being played, which really pushed (the band) to know (their) music on a level (they) didn’t realize was possible”, you will not err if you listen to their new tune ‘Rain Eater’ below, while simultaneously clicking here (Stereokiller) and here (No Clean Singing) for ‘Soil & Seed’ and ‘Mechanical Trees’ respectively, just to have those two tunes ready at hand. Because when ‘Rain Eater’ finishes, you will no doubt discover that you simply can not live without RIVERS OF NIHIL music and, eventually, you will order the album from here (Metal Blade store), from iTunes or from Amazon/Amazon MP3. We learn that, traditionally speaking, ‘The Conscious Seed Of Light’ “is not necessarily a concept album”; RIVERS OF NIHIL apparently began the writing process with the idea that they would release four separate albums tied together with one common theme - each reflecting a particular season of a year. (Bassist and vocalist Adam Biggs elaborated: “(This album) intended to be representative of spring and explores various themes concerning new beginnings, growth, and an attachment to the natural world in a post-human Earth.” Get the idea by inspecting the album's art created by Dan Seagrave.) Musically, the band, “instead of locking themselves into specific styles or sounds, tried to convey a more universal theme through the music (of)human emotion” hence lyrics are “a reaction to the music; after the band completed a song in instrumental form, either vocalist Jake Dieffenbach or Biggs would try to absorb and reflect the emotions of the piece to create a feeling that gel’d with the music's mood”. In short, the lyrics deal with “everything from ancient tribal mysticism, to cults, and the impending suicide of the human race”.


RIVERS OF NIHIL was formed in 2009 in Reading, Pennsylvania, by vocalist Jake Dieffenbach, drummer Ron Nelson and guiarist Jon Kunz. The idea was to create a band which would push the boundaries of death metal. They played their first show as a three piece, but soon after the band recruited bassist and vocalist Adam Biggs and guitarist  Brody Uttley. With all of bandmembers recently exiting their own respective bands, RIVERS OF NIHIL were hungry to produce new music so they recorded and self-released two EPs – 2010's ‘Hierarchy’ and 2011′s ‘Temporality Unbound’.

RIVERS OF NIHIL features: Jake Dieffenbach – vocals, Ron Nelson – drums, Jon Kunz – guitar, Adam Biggs - bass and vocals and Brody Uttley – guitars


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