29 October, 2013

Winds Of Plague: Resistance – new album


Johnny Plague and his WINDS OF PLAGUE are extremely proud of their new record ‘Resistance’, out now in the USA and Canada, October 29th, 2013, on Century Media Records and due in its digital format in Europe, Australia and New Zealand on November the 4th, so visit Alternative Press here to get brutally and vigorously assaulted by the PLAGUE team, and then order the album from here (CM Distro North America), from iTunes or from Amazon/Amazon MP3. ‘Resistance’ was recorded already in 2012 with producer Will Putney, but the band decided to wait until late 2013 to release it, “for various reasons, not the least of which was to ensure that we had given enough time to listen to, analyze and absorb the record for ourselves”, they told AP.

Formed in 2002 in Upland, California, WINDS OF PLAGUE were originally known as “Black December” and have, not so originally, suffered through personnel crisis until settling on vocalist Jonathan Cooke, guitarists Nick Eash and Nick Piunno, bassist Andrew Glover and drummer Jeff Tenney. About three years later, they released their debut album, ‘A Cold Day In Hell on Recourse Records’ as WINDS OF PLAGUE. Century Media spotted the band, and WINDS OF PLAGUE proceeded to record ‘Decimate The Weak’, released in 2008, and ‘The Great Stone War, issued in 2009, which would mark the recording debut of drummer Art Cruz and keyboardist Kristen Randall. The album sold 6,300 copies in its first week of release, to debut at number 73 on The Billboard Top 200 chart. ‘Against The World’ followed in 2011, featuring guest appearances from members of HATEBREED, TERROR and FOR TODAY as well as that of former world heavyweight wrestling champion and sports entertainer Ultimate Warrior. The band's fourth longplayer charted at number 60 on the Billboard Top 200:
“WINDS OF PLAGUE are one of the more thuggish deathcore bands around; they’re not quite the knuckle-draggers EMMURE are, but at the same time they lack EMMURE's entertaining lunacy and genuine commitment to fracturing the listener's sternum with downtuned breakdowns and triggered kick drum booms. What they have on their side is chest-beating machismo (despite a rotating cast of female keyboard players) and a moderate talent for thrashy riffs - which, of course, they frequently subvert in favor of one-chord chugga-chugga parts that make hip-hop gear-sporting high-school boys bounce around the mosh pit, joyfully punching each other in their neck tattoos,” [commented Phil Freeman, AllMusic, who judged ‘Against The World’ to be “an exercise in adolescent bluster” – more here]

WINDS OF PLAGUE features: Jonathan “Johnny Plague” Cooke – vocals, Nick Piunno – rhythm guitar, Nick Eash – lead guitar, Andrew Glover – bass, Alana Potocnik – keyboards and Brandon Galindo – drums

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