11 October, 2013

The Winery Dogs: Time Machine – new video



“Celebrating the past while simultaneously kicking open new doors” (James Christopher Monger, AllMusic – more here), THE WINERY DOGS, comprised of vocalist and guitarist Richie Kotzen (POISON and MR. BIG), bassist Billy Sheehan (Steve Vai, David Lee Roth, MR. BIG etc) and drummer Mike Portnoy (co-founder of DREAM THEATER, ADRENALINE MOB etc), have released a new video for ‘Time Machine’. The tune comes from the band's debut self-titled album, out since July 2013 on Loud & Proud Records, which was produced and mixed by Jay Ruston. THE WINERY DOGS debut, filled with straightforward rock and roll sound which seamlessly melds the immense talents of the three veteran rockers, sold around 10,200 copies in the USA in its first week of release, and has landed at position number 27 on the Billboard Top 200 chart:

[Back then, the press release had wondered…:] “Maybe ‘The Winery Dogs’ sounds so great because, more than anything, the album is a labor of love written from the heart and revealing unexpected shades of melodic eclecticism and lyrical vulnerability. Kotzen's vocals have never sounded better and his guitar playing is extraordinary. Anchored by Sheehan's expert bass lines, which root the songs and provide a lock-and-step foundation for Portnoy to play around, the band creates music that see-saws between primal simplicity and time-honored virtuosity.”

[…and guitarist Richie Kotzen explained:] “What makes the band so special is that somehow, in our collaboration, none of us lost our identity. We all sound like who we are yet we make music that is fresh and exciting and sounds like a new band. There’s a natural chemistry that came together; it’s one of those things that’s meant to be.” [Added bassist Billy Sheenan:] “I like the fact that everybody comes from a different background, though there are similarities to them. We have is a real special bond that wouldn’t happen if we were all into exactly the same things. We brought disparate elements together and made them into a unified band.” [And drummer Mike Portnoy:] “It’s very exciting for me to be in a solid rock trio. Stylistically, the bulk of my career has been spent playing progressive music, so this was an opportunity for me to do something that wasn’t prog or metal. It’s more classic rock and, at the end of the day that’s what I grew up with and that’s the biggest influence in my life. I’m just at home playing on a small four piece kit doing a simple John Bonham groove as I am playing complex tempos on a giant kit, and that’s been a great breath of fresh air for me.”

‘The Winery Dogs’ can be found on iTunes, Amazon and here (the band's official store).

THE WINERY DOGS features: Richie Kotzen - vocals and guitar, Billy Sheehan - bass and vocals and Mike Portnoy - drums and vocals






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