17 October, 2013

Ereb Altor: Fire Meets Ice – new album


You know what they say - it’s never too late. Besides, EREB ALTOR's ‘Fire Meets Ice’ is new to North America and besides, nobody pays me to write this shit. And anyway, how is one to take seriously a band who, if you try to research it on Wikipedia, suffers from identity crises, apparently being “an improper name of Swedish role play game called Dragons And Demons”? Now, this Viking-looking trio of musicians, EREB ALTOR, released their fourth album already in July 2013 through Cyclone Empire and just a couple of days ago, October the 15th, 2013, in North America through Metal Blade Records. Residents of the latter continent should shop for ‘Fire Meets Ice’ here (Metal Blade store) and on iTunes, while everybody else is probably welcome to visit the band's official store here:

Heavily inspired by the epic sounds of BATHORY's Viking metal albums, ISOLE's Ragnar and Mats decided to “resurrect the old hymns” and formed EREB ALTOR in 2003 in Gävle, Sweden. In 2007, they reportedly “heeded the call of the one-eyed elder to enter Apocalypse Studio” and recorded EREB ALTOR's first full-length comprised of seven long and adventurous tracks “to kill for”. The album, called ‘By Honour’, was issued on I Hate Records in 2008 and the response to it was apparently “overwhelming”:

The overwhelming response allegedly inspired Mats and Ragnar to record another album. Entitled ‘The End’, the record was picked up by Napalm Records; a slightly faster affair, the album featured even more Scandinavian melodies with lyrics focusing on Nordic mythology. Its title track, in fact, comprised three songs tied together to tell the story of Ragnarök. (If you are not well versed in Norse mythology as you should be by know, being in the business of listening to metal music, you should invest some time in the subject at hand, dear visitor.) In 2012, EREB ALTOR produced ‘Gastrike’, a concept album full of dark tales, myths and ghost stories. To reflect the lyrics the right way, the band employed black metal elements, furious blast beats, thundering double-bass and aggressive vocal parts - in short, the early BATHORY. 

EREB ALTOR features: Mats - vocals, guitar, bass and keyboard, Ragnar - vocals, guitar and bass and Tord - drums

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