16 October, 2013

Castevet: Obsian – new album


Luckily for us, Profound Lore Records have issued the “soundtrack to your ultimate mental breakdown, one of the most dense, complex, twisted, and amoral metal albums to be released this year, a sonic madness and dementia personified”, CASTEVET's new album ‘Obsian’, on October the 15th, 2013. If the artwork itself doesn’t depress you into immediately ordering the record from Profound Lore here, then check out two new CASTEVET tunes below, courtesy the label and Stereogum. ‘Obsian’ also features the vocals of EXTRA LIFE drummer Nick Podgurski, as well as a guest horn section courtesy of Amy Mills and Tim Byrnes:
“CASTEVET (now featuring KRALLICE bassist Nicholas McMaster who joins the comradeship alongside vocalist/guitarist Andrew Hock and drummer Ian Jacyszyn) once again will take the listener into a world of pain and personal hell through the six tracks that encompass an album unlike anything else going on in the metal scene today. ‘Obsian’ is a dark, bleak, uneasy, and ominous album crafted through meticulously constructed musical counterpoint via waves of dissonant progressive tones and rhythms laced with melodic shape-shifting song structures,” [says the label and critics, self-proclaimed or otherwise, agree:]

CASTEVET, formed in 2006 in New York City, New York by vocalist and guitarist Andrew Hock, drummer Ian Jacyszyn and bassist Joshua Scott, first recording, ‘Stones/Salts’ EP, saw the light of a day in 2009 through Paragon Records. Not your typical black metal band, featuring current and former members of grindcore act DEFEATIST and experimental death/doom crew EHNAHRE, the band had turned to GORGUTS guitarist Colin Marston to produce their debut LP, 2010's ‘Mounds Of Ash’, which was issued on Profound Lore Records and which was hailed as “an astonishing debut” by Phil Freeman, AllMusic:
“[CASTEVET] have created an album that takes the tremolo guitar picking and thundering-hooves drumming of black metal and weds them to complex, interlocking riff structures more akin to progressive thrash. The vocals are a hoarse roar, almost entirely free of theatricality, that owe much to hardcore and grind,” [more here:]

CASTEVET features: Andrew Hock – vocals and guitar, Ian Jacyszyn – drums and Nicholas McMaster - bass

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