30 January, 2012

Azaghal: Nemesis – new album


Tirelessly spreading black metal terror since 1995, AZAGHAL's latest unholy enterprise and ninth full-length, ‘Nemesis’, comes out tomorrow, January 31st, 2012 on Moribund Records. Over 50 minutes long, ‘Nemesis’ is AZAGHAL's longest creation so far; thrash and atmospheric elements (and even some acoustics) notwithstanding, the album abounds those Nordic-style black metal blastbeats you’ve come to expect.

Co-founded by Narqath (Tomi Kalliola) and V-Khaoz in 1995 in Hyvinkää, Finland, AZAGHAL recorded their first demo in 1997, shortly after vocalist Varjoherra joined up. Two more demos followed in 2008, as well as 7” EP ‘Harmagedon’. AZAGHAL's debut album, 1999's ‘Mustamaa’ was originally released as vinyl-only by Melancholy Productions, but was later re-released as CD by ISO666. Second full-length, ‘Helvetin Yhdeksän Piiriä’, followed quickly that same year, with quite a few splits and compilations filling the gap before the band's next full-length was issued, 2002's ‘Of Beasts And Vultures’. Founding member and drummer V-Khaoz was let go by the band after its release, while lead guitarist JL Nokturnal was enlisted just before the album was recorded. The next string of splits would end with the EP ‘Kyy’, issued in 2003, followed by proper album ‘Perkeleen Luoma’ in 2004 (Aftermath Music). AZAGHAL played their first live show in 2004, appearing at the Under The Black Sun Festival in Germany. In 2005, they recorded ‘Codex Antitheus’, which was followed diligently by ‘Luciferin Valo’ in 2006. Chernobog replaced dummer TM Blastbeast after the 2006's issue, as  Niflungr would fill in for Varjoherra on bass and vocals. In keeping with the band's tradition, 2008's album ‘Omega’ (Moribund Records) was succeeded by full-length ‘Teraphim’ a bare year later.

AZAGHAL features: Narqath – guitar, JL Nokturnal – guitar, Chernobog – drums and Niflungr - bass and vocals



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