31 January, 2012

Full Album Stream: Liberteer: Better To Die On Your Feet Than Live On Your Knees – new album


LIBERTEER, the creation of Matthew Widener (CRETIN and CITIZEN) is “a manifestation of total anarchy, driven by an incendiary lyrical message designed to burn the system down!” Such a lofty statement deserves a bit more elaboration, wouldn’t you say? 

“My thoughts on politics slowly changed over the past six years. In CITIZEN I had a sense of outrage about our government, but because it still supported the idea of state, it doesn’t make much sense to me now. I’ve come to embrace the ideas of anarchy. The old band name, CITIZEN, represents a system of exclusion and nationalism, things I can’t stand now, so I had to rename the band and change a lot of things. I think the good things about the music are still there - the thematic, major-key riffs, the d-beats and blasts - but the message is now pure,” [commented Widener on the formation of the band and band's debut, out today, January 31st, 2012 through Relapse Records. He added:] The album is one long song, with a handful of the coolest riffs reappearing as leitmotifs, like a pissed off opera made of blasts and d-beats. It’s utterly relentless. Plus, there’s a training montage at the halfway point.”

LIBERTEER's debut ‘Better To Die On Your Feet Than Live On Your Knees’ (“the soundtrack to a populace casting off the chains of state, church, and economic oppression, and fighting tooth and nail to recapture personal freedom”) is being currently streamed in its liberating entirety here, at Lambgoat, and below. Once informed about the state of affairs, get further instructions (CD) here (Relapse Records).

[Decibel's Chris D described LIBERTEER's musical activism thusly:] “Amidst uncompromising blasts of anarcho-crust-punk-pissedasfuck whatever (a NAPALM DEATH / DISCHARGE Molotov cocktail birthed in nastiest defiles of Every City, USA), LIBERTEER throws down like it’s 1776. By using/integrating military march music and (perhaps) roots music of the Appalachians [eastern United States], it’s fair to say that Widener's putting the “anti” in American. The gutter-home charge vs. triumphant stroll in recently occupied/now liberated minds is certainly a strange juxtaposition, but it works.” [Read the rest here]

LIBERTEER: Better To Die On Your Feet Than Live On Your Knees – courtesy of lambgoat

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