27 January, 2012

Terror: The New Blood – new video



Scott Vogel's TERROR keep releasing videos and I keep track (see below). ‘The New Blood’ comes from the L.A.-based hardcore band's latest release ‘Keepers Of The Faith’, which was produced by Chad Gilbert (NEW FOUND GLORY) at Buzzbomb Studio, engineered by Paul Minor, mixed by Matt Hyde and released in 2010 on Century Media Records. Do click here and become wiser; every time they release new video I get to do just that:

“Dude, I loved your band's cover of straightedge revenge. I would’ve sang along but I was at the back buying beers,” [is just one example of by now legendary “vogelism”, a term used for - often hilarious - on-stage banter by TERROR's founder Scott Vogel]

“There’s something liberating about a band that know the tools they have to work with and use them faithfully. TERROR never tries to play over their head or stretch past their capabilities; it’s unabashed hardcore simplicity from beginning to end,” [commented on ‘Keepers Of The Faith’ About.com's Justin M. Norton – more here]

TERROR was formed by vocalist Scott Vogel (formerly lead singer with bands like DESPAIR, SLUDGEFEST and BURIED ALIVE) in 2002. A four-song demo, an EP and a lot of touring later, the band signed with Bridge 9 Records and released a nine-song EP entitled ‘Lowest Of The Low’ in 2003. TERROR spent the rest of that year touring, including a stint in Europe with BIOHAZARD. The group signed with Trustkill Records and issued two albums through that label; 2004's ‘One With The Underdogs’ and 2006's ‘Always The Hard Way’ – the latter reaching number 10 on Billboard's Heatseekers chart. Later on, bassist Carl Swartz and guitarist Frank Novinec left the band to concentrate on FIRST BLOOD and HATEBREED respectively. ‘Rhythm Amongst The Chaos’ EP followed in 2007 (Reaper Records) and the band got included in Century Media's 20 year celebration covers album, 2008's ‘Covering 20 Years Of The Extreme’. ‘The Damned, The Shamed’, TERROR's fourth full-length, was released by Century Media Records that same year.

TERROR features: Scott Vogel – vocals, Nick Jett – drums, Jordan Posner – guitar, Martin Stewart – guitar and David Wood - bass






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