17 January, 2012

Evergrey: A Decade And A Half – greatest hits collection


Progstreaming is streaming the entire greatest hits collection by Swedish dark progressive metallers EVERGREY entitled ‘A Decade And A Half’ here (the stream has since ended). Already out in Europe, EVERGREY's celebration of 15 years of metal comes in form of a two-disc set, which is being released in North America today, January 17th, 2012 via SPV/Steamhammer Records. Watch the band's latest video release, ‘Wrong’, below. The video for the award-winning single which sold over 10,000 copies in Sweden alone and which can be found on EVERGREY's eight album ‘Glorious Collision’ - out since February 2011 - was directed by Patric Ullaeus.

EVERGREY formed in 1995 and released their Andy LaRocque-produced debut album, ‘The Dark Discovery’, in 1998. Cooperation with the producer and guitarist (of KING DIAMOND-fame) continued on the band's 1999 release entitled ‘Soltitude Dominance Tragedy’. An alien abduction-themed album (inspired by Whitley Strieber's book “Communion”), ‘In Search Of Tragedy’, came out in 2001 (“And yes, there is also music. Actually, the music is very strong and powerful progressive metal - think QUEENSRYCHE, IRON MAIDEN, and KING DIAMOND all rolled together,” remarked Gary Hill, AllMusic), with ‘Recreation Day’ following in 2003 (“EVERGREY figure among a rare breed of progressive metal bands capable of balancing their undeniably impressive musicianship and lofty song and lyric-writing ambitions with the commitment to serving a song's best interest, not their own individual instrumental prowess,” commented Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic). Another concept album, this one dealing with the themes of religion, cults and child abuse, ‘The Inner Circle’, and second album to be produced by EVERGREY's vocalist and guitarist Tom S. Englund and then guitarist Henrik Danhage, was issued in 2004, with the band's first live album, ‘A Night To Remember’, following a year later. EVERGREY sixth studio album, ‘Monday Morning Apocalypse’, was released in 2006 and their debut for Steamhammer Records, ‘Torn’, came next in 2008. ‘Torn’ debuted at number 4 on Swedish Albums Chart.

EVERGREY features: Tom S. Englund - vocals & guitar, Marcus Jidell – guitar, Hannes Van Dahl – drums, Rikard Zander – keyboards and Johan Niemann – bass


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