13 January, 2012

Therapy?: Living In The Shadow Of The Terrible Thing – new video



‘Living In The Shadow Of The Terrible Thing’ is the first single from THERAPY?'s forthcoming album, ‘A Brief Crack Of Light’, due for release February 6th, 2012 on Blast Records. The video for the single, which will be released on January 23rd, was directed by Sitcom Soldiers.  ‘A Brief Crack Of Light’ was recorded at Blast Studios in Newcastle, England, and produced by the band and Adam Sinclair. Album's artwork was created by artist Nigel Rolfe.

THERAPY? (“a bridge between METALLICA and NIRVANA”) was formed in Northern Ireland in 1989 by singer, guitarist and songwriter Andy Cairns and drummer Fyfe Ewing. In need of a bass player to complete the line up, they recruited Michael McKeegan, after they’ve recorded their first four-track demo, ‘Thirty Seconds Of Silence’. The trio then recorded their second demo, followed by the ‘Meat Abstract’ single, which they released on their own label Multifuckingnational Records. The single's success took the band on their first UK tour, during which they caught the attention of London-based Wiiija Records, which issued THEPAPHY?'s EPs ‘Baby Teeth’ (1991) and ‘Pleasure Death’ (1992). The successful EPs earned the band a recording contract with A&M Records and THERAPY?'s first proper album, ‘Nurse’, followed soon. 1992's ‘Nurse’ reached number 38 on the UK Top 40 Albums Chart. With the grunge movement in full swing by then, the band recorded their breakthrough EP ‘Shortsharpshock’ in 1993 and continued to conquer UK charts with further singles and an EP (‘Face The Strange’). In 1994, THERAPY? released commercially successful album ‘Troublegum’, which peaked at number 5 on the UK Top 40 and which has since sold over one million copies worldwide. After 1995's album ‘Infernal Love’ came out, Ewing left the band and was replaced by Graham Hopkins and cellist Martin McCarrick was brought in as second guitarist on the band's final release on A&M Records, 1998's ‘Semi-Detached’. THERAPY?'s next effort, 1999's ‘Suicide Pact – You First’, came out on Ark 21 Records, followed by ten-year compilation of their best music. After the release of the Jack Endino-produced sixth full-length, 2001's ‘Shameless’, the band would find itself without a drummer and without a label once again. Neil Cooper recorded the drums on 2003's album ‘High Anxiety’ (Spitfire Records), which turned out to be the last to feature guitarist and cellist Martin McCarrick who departed from the band in 2004. Returning to their musical roots as a three-piece, THERAPY? issued ‘Never Apologise Never Explain’ that same year, followed by ‘One Cure Fits All’ in 2006. Their Andy Gill-produced tenth album, ‘Crooked Timber’, was released on Demolition Records in 2009:

“There was a point when THERAPY? were one of the biggest “buzz bands” in Europe - thanks in part to seemingly nonstop coverage in such publications as Kerrang! and Metal Hammer. But the buzz eventually dissipated, as THERAPY? in the modern age don’t necessarily storm the charts with each new release, but still retain a sizable following. … Ten albums down the line and THERAPY? still play like they mean it, as evidenced by the arrival of ‘Crooked Timber’,” [observed AllMusic's Greg Prato – more here]


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