15 January, 2012

Full EP Stream: This Ending: Systematic Worship – new EP


If I gathered the available facts correctly, Sweden's melodic death metallers THIS ENDING just self-released new, 3-track EP titled ‘Systematic Worship’. Listen and/or download two free tracks off the release, ‘Army Of (N)one’ and ‘No More Silence’,  here (Facebook) or via Soundcloud player available below, as you cheerfully sing along the tune ‘Our Creation’: “Barbed wire mothers milk / Congealing blood for wine / Reality rots away / Cacophony of lamenting souls / Baying the hounds of war / Pestilence for a cure …” ‘Systematic Worship’ was recorded in late 2011 in studio belonging to guitarist Linus Nirbrant:

Systematic Worship EP (2012) – courtesy of THIS ENDING Official

THIS ENDING was formed in 1991 in Stockholm, Sweden by drummer Fredrik Andersson (AMON AMARTH), vocalist Mårten Hansen and guitarist Linus Nirbrant. They called themselves “A Canorous Quintet” back then (once bassist Jesper Löfgren and guitarist Leo Pignon joined in) and as such, the group released an EP entitled ‘As Tears’, in 1994, and two full-lengths, 1996's ‘Silence Of The World Beyond’ and 1998's ‘The Only Pure Hate’. “A Canorous Quintet” disbanded in 1998 as its members began to pursue various other projects. Andresson re-assembled the group in 2005; they recorded a 13-song demo which they sent to Metal Blade Records. Adopting the name THIS ENDING, the band released their full-length, ‘Inside The Machine’, in 2006 through Metal Blade:

Inside The Machine – courtesy of THIS ENDING Official

“Straight-ahead, brutal metal is offered up by the bucketful throughout ‘Dead Harvest’,” is what AllMusic's Greg Prato thought about THIS ENDING's second full-length, released in 2009 (as he managed to label THIS ENDING's brand of music as “brutal he-man metal” as well - read the review here):

Parasites – courtesy of THIS ENDING Official

THIS ENDING features: Mårten Hansen – vocals, Leo Pignon – guitar, Linus Nirbrant – guitar, Jesper Löfgren – bass and Fredrik Andersson - drums

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