19 January, 2012

Biohazard: Reborn In Defiance – new album


Update: BIOHAZARD's statement:

“We regret to inform you all that due to circumstances beyond our control, we will not be able to offer our new record, ‘Reborn In Defiance’, [as a free download] in the U.S. at this time. We love all of you who have continued to support us through the years and can’t wait to share with you a record that we are extremely proud of. Thank you so much for your understanding and patience and a special thanks to our partners Revolver, Repudo and Google for their hard work setting this up. All of our touring plans are still solidified and we are excited to see you all out on the road!”

Legendary New York hardcore veterans BIOHAZARD will release their highly (and a long while) anticipated new album, ‘Reborn In Defiance’, to the wide world tomorrow, January 20th, 2012 via Nuclear Blast Records. And while the rest of us get to download their new track, ‘Vengeance Is Mine’, for free here (Nuclear Blast), North Americans will be apparently able to download the entire album free of charge via Revolver Magazine's website and Repudo.com as of tomorrow (the album's North American release date is set for April 16th, 2012). ‘Reborn In Defiance’ was recorded in 2011 by the original BIOHAZARD lineup of Evan Seinfeld on vocals and bass, Billy Graziadei on guitar and vocals, Danny Schuler on drums and Bobby Hambel on guitar, although Brooklyn finest have since parted ways with founding member Seinfeld, who has chosen to concentrate on his adult-films acting career instead. Defiantly, BIOHAZARD recently recruited their former bassist Scott Roberts in his stead. ‘Reborn In Defiance’ can be bought as a CD and either black or white double vinyl here (Nuclear Blast Europe):

“[Explains Danny Schuler:] “Being a huge fan of vinyl records and the amazing sleeve artwork that used to come with them, I really wanted our artwork to be unique. In the spirit of being ‘Reborn In Defiance’, the album cover represents to me an interesting paradox: an embryo, not yet spoiled by the world, but already possessing the heart of a rebel. It all begins in the womb.” [Adds Billy Graziadei:] “The innocence of youth has always been a strong subject for us, with the children playing over a crime scene on the ‘Urban Discipline’ [1992] album cover to the child running with a biological gas mask on the ‘State Of The World Address’ [1994] cover. For ‘Reborn In Defiance’, an unborn child waits to be thrown into a world that will steal the untainted purity of infancy we all start out with.”

Formed in 1987, BIOHAZARD has sold over five million albums worldwide since the release of their internationally successful albums ‘Urban Discipline’ (Roadrunner Records) and ‘State Of The World Address’ (Warner Brothers). Over the years BIOHAZARD came to perfect their fusion of hardcore, heavy metal and hip-hop; after their self-titled debut came out in 1990, BIOHAZARD secured a deal with Roadrunner Records in 1992, the year which saw the release of the original hardcore-metal-rap album ‘Urban Discipline’ (“Loaded with social criticism, [this is] a blue-collar metal record made by rough-shod, tattooed, fighting men,” commented Kieran McCarthy, AllMusic). Hambel left the band after ‘State Of The World Address’ was issued in 1994 and BIOHAZARD released its 1994's companion, ‘Mata Leão’, as a trio. For the ensuing tour the band recruited former HELMET guitarist Rob Echeverria,  with whom they recorded their first live album, 1997's ‘No Holds Barred’. They kept refining their sound and ideas on 1999's ‘New World Disorder’ (Mercury Records) and 2001's ‘Uncivilization’ (Sanctuary Records). Carmine Vincent replaced Leo Curley as BIOHAZARD new guitarist before the release of 2003's ‘Kill Or Be Killed’. The godfathers of hardcore metal engaged the talents of guitarist Scott Roberts and bassists Keith Rooney and Brian Worland on their eight album, 2005's ‘Means To An End’ (SPV/Steamhammer Records), before disbanding soon after its release. BIOHAZARD classic lineup (Seinfeld, Graziadei, Schuler and Hambel) reunited in 2010.

BIOHAZARD: Reborn – courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records

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