28 January, 2013

Weapon: Embers And Revelations – new video & full album stream

WEAPON's new video ‘Embers And Revelations’, off their same-titled October 2012 Relapse Records release, was directed by Dan Wilberg. Listen to the full album, recorded with Terry Paholek, here (BandCamp) or via player embedded below, and buy it from there, or from Relapse Records here, or find ‘Embers And Revelations’ on iTunes. The album's art was created by Benjamin Vierling:
“While a few exotic sounds and mystic subjects do crop up here and there (more on that in a bit), it’s actually his band's [Vetis Monarch's, founder, guitarist and vocalist] unusually self-possessed style that draws attention, for allowing songs to develop more deliberately and instinctively, rather than losing themselves in wanton savagery and appendage-blurring speed. … As mentioned earlier, the album doesn’t do without Eastern-flavored undercurrents, as seen on ‘Disavowing Each In Aum’ (based on the Japanese terrorist cults) and ‘Shahensha’ (Near Eastern terminology for “emperor”), but these are clearly secondary to more typical Westernized adversaries like Mr. Satan and his Bride, Lilith. In other words, WEAPON haven’t even begun exploiting those ethnic gimmicks to their advantage, and yet the distinctive blackened death/thrash of ‘Embers And Revelations’ is already scary good,” [read the rest of Mr. Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic, review here:]

Blackened death metal group WEAPON was formed in 2003 by Vetis Monarch in Calgary, Canada. The true birthplace of WEAPON though can be traced back to Bangladesh, where Vetis Monarch was born and raised. WEAPON self-released a demo in 2004, followed by 2005's EP ‘Violated Hejab’ and 2008's ‘Para Bhakti… Salvation’ EP, issued on Legion of Death Records and Full Moon Productions respectively. The Ajna Offensive issued WEAPON's debut full-length, ‘Drakonian Paradigm’, in 2009 and ‘From The Devil's Tomb’ in 2010, which Decibel Magazine described as “vicious, convincing and one of the finest Canadian metal albums to surface in ages”.
WEAPON features: Vetis Monarch – vocals and guitar, Rom Surtr – guitar, Kha Tumos - bass and The Disciple – drums

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