06 March, 2012

Eldritch: Deviation – new video



Italy's ELDRITCH - where progressive metal meets thrash - have a new video out; ‘Deviation’ comes from the group's latest recording entitled ‘Gaia's Legacy’, which was released in September/October 2011 through Scarlet Records. The record (a concept album about global warming based on Al Gore's documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”) was produced by Marco Ribecai and Eugenio Simone at Syncropain Products Studio in Pisa, Italy, and mastered by Göran Finnberg in Sweden. ‘Gaia's Legacy’ also features FIREWIND's Bob Katsionis as guest keyboardist on the song ‘Like A Child’. The video ‘Deviation’ was directed by Skrotosound, as was ELDRITCH's prior clip for ‘Everything Is Burning’, available for viewing below.

“For ELDRITCH, this is a little step, but a step nonetheless, in going away from the rather monotonous vibe of their last three records. New metalheads will probably avoid this, as there are tons of better records in today's prog metal scene. Newer fans of the band will lie satisfied in their familiar niche, as the band does little to evolve its recent style. As for old fans, among which stands the author of this review, they will see this album in the same way an old man looks at the face of his equally old wife with whom he is still deeply in love after 50 years of marriage, i.e. as if she is still the young girl he first met,” [wrote Voivod for Sputnik Music – read the rest of his well written review here]

Ex-ZEUS musicians vocalist Terence Holler, songwriter and guitarist Eugene Simone and drummer Adriano Dal Canto formed ELDRITCH (“something between FATES WARNING, FAITH NO MORE, QUEENSRYCHE, ANNIHILATOR, H.I.M. but in a personal way!!!”) in 1991 in Tuscany, Italy. Adding bassist Martin Kyhn and keyboardist Oleg Smirnoff to the lineup, the group released their debut album, ‘Seeds Of Rage’, in 1995 via Inside Out Music, which was followed by 1997's ‘Headquake’. ELDRICH showed their more versatile side, incorporating thrash metal passages into their progressive/power brand of metal, on the third offering, 1998's ‘El Nino’. Adding new members, Sean Henderson on keyboards and Dave Simeone on drums, the band signed a new deal with Pick Up Records/Metal Blade Records and released an even harder and more experimental album, ‘Reverse’, in 2001. ELDRITCH added rhythm guitarist Rob “Peck” Proietti to the lineup and lost keyboardist Henderson and bassist Kyhn (whom they soon replaced with ICYCORE's Lisa Oliviero), during the years that followed. ELDRITCH signed with Limb Music Products and released ‘Portrait Of The Abyss Within’ in 2004. Further personnel shifts followed; bassist Olivero was soon replaced by John Crystal. Sixth album, ‘Neighbourhell’, came out in 2006 and (“recorded in particular dark mood”) ‘Blackenday’ followed in 2007. The record featured guest musicians REDEMPTION's Ray Alder and Nicholas Van Dyk. ELDRITCH replaced drummer Dave Simeone with Raffahell Dridge following the tour in support of ‘Blackenday’. In 2008, they released a double live album entitled ‘Livequake’.

ELDRITCH features: Terence Holler – lead & backing vocals, Eugene Simone - lead guitar & backing vocals, Rudj Ginanneschi - rhythm guitar, Gabriele Caselli - keyboards, piano & effects, John Crystal – bass and Raffahell Dridge – drums



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