01 March, 2012

Rosvo: Theme Park Family Fun – new video & Tick & Ants – full EP stream




ROSVO (“a riddle, an enigma, a cult, a band of dissidents; creative volcanoes in his infernal majesty's service to the fullest”) have released a new video created by Anders Björler, Hans Simonen and Mark Alan Loso “as a continued cooperation of vigilante art for arts own sake”. ROSVO, a Finnish word for “robber” apparently, is the postpubertal “fast food hardcore” group from either Malmö or Sätila in Sweden which features Hans Simonen, Peter Dolving, Martin Lundgren and David Andersson:

“We are the identikit. We are the cool tattoos. We are the macho. The über-tough guys, and a token of a politically correct. We are more straightedge than an ecological box, we are stamped justice mince soy and we are angry. Very, very angry. I’m sure some people will feel a great deal of discomfort by our well-defined agro. We are like ninja in the night,” [explained the concept Peter Dolving in an interview with Metal Shock Finland – read the rest here]

And as such, ROSVO should keep Dovling plenty occupied now that he’s quit THE HAUNTED. ROSVO's debut recording, an EP called ‘Ticks And Ants’, was released in April 2011; it was recorded at Repaire de Voleurs & Hulugården by the band and at FlatPig Studio by Robert Ahrling and mastered at Antfarm Studio by Tue Madsen. Listen to ‘Ticks And Ants’ via player available below. In December 2011 the band released a video for ‘Seasick’ (filmed (iPhone) and edited by Björler and featuring Dovling, the star), one of four tunes from ‘Ticks And Ants’. Buy the EP here (BandCamp):


ROSVO: Ticks And Ants


ROSVO features: Hans Simonen - an overweight four-eyes/good life aficionado/ex-part time municipality official/good leader/relationships zealot and a distant relative of the Finnish President Juho Kusti Paasikivi (who however died long before Hans' birth so they have never met), David Andersson - Triple M enthusiast/band biographies opponent, Peter Dolving – used to be the skinniest kid in class/used to get beat up at home (and ridiculed at school)/used to have big red ears and skinny arms/has grown the body and the attitude of a Roman gladiator since/he might be gay or something/he might be a great fall-artist and he writes books (instead of killing and eating people) and Martin Lundgren - an ordinary guy/organic food buff/married to the mother of the child who is originally from Denmark/brother of Joel (who has a permanent job and usually does not do drugs)



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