13 March, 2012

Full Album Stream: Lord Mantis: Pervertor – new album

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LORD MANTIS (who already have a following that they fully intend to expand) have a new record out as of today, March 13th, 2012 via that vile label called Candlelight Records. ‘Pevertor’, LORD MANTIS' second beast of rebellion and fury, was produced by Sanford Parker. The art for the sound (which just might bring back the memory of your face hitting broken glass) was created by Justin Bartlett. Listen to the album in its vicious entirety here (BandCamp) or via player available below, and visit NPR here and acquaint yourselves with perpetrators through most revealing interview NPR's Lars Gotrich conducted with LORD MANTIS' guitarist Andrew Markuszewski:
[When asked what role does blasphemy and perversion take in LORD MANTIS, Markuszewski replied:] “You’ll find blasphemy and perversion in various states of practice in every member of this band. ‘Pervertor’ comes straight from our beating black hearts. While I won’t exactly go into specifics on what each of us does in our lives to communicate evil, if you listen to the music and read the lyrics - understand that we practice what we preach, for the most part. I mean, none of us have committed the act of murder on a physical level, yet, but everyone in the band has realized that evil eye in them. Bill [Bumgardner] hates everyone, for the most part. Charlie [Fell] is one demented and twisted soul. He’s probably the last guy you’d want to be at the mercy of. He actually bit me in the leg once. I still have a scar. Granted, I did teabag him while he was in a straitjacket, though. Greg [Gomer] is dating an intense and professional dominatrix. I’m a blasphemous and hedonistic monk:”

Chicago's LORD MANTIS first began as a sludge attack consisting of Bill Bumgardner (also in INDIAN) on drums and Greg Gomer on guitars. With addition of Charlie Fell (also in NACHTMYSTIUM and AVICHI) on bass and vocals, they evolved and defined their sound. In 2007, LORD MANTIS released an EP titled ‘Period Face’ and in 2008, with most of a full-length written, Andrew Markuszewski (also in NACHTMYSTIUM and chief member of AVICHI) was asked to join and further build upon their sound musically and lyrically. ‘Spawning The Nephilim’ was recorded and engineered by Sanford Parker and released on Seventh Rule Records in 2009. “Amid the collapse of the world, individual despair, and the ever broadening increase of human deception and madness, LORD MANTIS is setting the stage for the apocalypse with ever greater force and willpower,” in 2011 welcomed the group Candlelight Records.

LORD MANTIS features: Drew Markuszewski - lead guitar and vocals, Charlie Fell – bass and vocals, Bill Bumgardner – drums and Greg Gomer - guitar

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