16 March, 2012

Full Album Stream: Secrets Of The Moon: Seven Bells – new album


New SECRETS OF THE MOON album, ‘Seven Bells’, has been released today, March 16th, 2012 through Lupus Lounge/Prophecy Productions; ‘Seven Bells’ comes available as a jewelcase CD, as digipak CD (with extended 20-page booklet and die-cut front cover), as limited collector's box which includes a CD, a DVD, 80-page book, a rosary of course, and even motive cards for each song, and as a limited gatefold double LP. All the aforementioned physical editions of the album can be ordered from here (Prophecy's online shop) and will be shipped to you to wherever in the world you might come from. And as you do just that, order the ‘Seven Bells’ that is, listen to SECRETS OF THE MOON's latest recording in full here (Prophecy Productions YouTube Channel) or below, where you’ll find the group's new video ‘Nyx’ as well, directed by  Fursy Teyssier (LES DISCRETS) and François-Marc Baillet (Viva Emptiness Studios).

“A snake unwinds, coils rasp, its forked tongue hissing between venomous fangs. … ‘Seven Bells’ sees the band taking another huge step by imprinting their characteristic live sound onto this dark tome with the invaluable aid of Tom G. Warrior (CELTIC FROST, TRIPTYKON) and V. Santura (DARK FORTRESS) for the album's mix. Carefully chosen guest appearances by Schwadorf (THE VISION BLEAK, EMPYRIUM), Kvohst (DHG, CODE HEXVESSEL) and Morten Gass (BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE) complete this stunning work. This is the soundtrack of Lucifer rising…” [assures the press release]

Formed in 1995 in Osnabrück, Germany, SECRETS OF THE MOON recorded a couple of demos and a split before issuing their debut full-length, ‘Stronghold Of The Inviolables’, on Sombre Records in 2001. Kneel Before The… Records released their first compilation, ‘De Musica Mondana’, in 2002, followed by a live album (‘Live In Bitterfield 200’) and two additional splits, before SECRETS OF THE MOON found their current home with Prophecy Productions. Longplayer ‘Carved In Stigmata Wounds’ was released in 2004, ‘The Exhibitions’ EP came next in 2005 and ‘Antithesis’ followed in 2006 on Prophesy / Southern Lord Records:

“SECRETS OF THE MOON stay well away from the genre's more savage, atavistic school of thought, and thus verily confirm their desire (and perhaps their German-ness) to freeze their asses off in Dante's iced inferno rather than stoke the fires of hell, if you know what we mean,” [explained Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic] … This generalized austerity actually accentuates the sharp edges and bittersweet wounds inflicted by lengthy explorations such as ‘Ordinance’, ‘Confessions’ et al, which continually test mere mortals' thresholds of pain and pleasure, but likewise prove consistently engaging for close to an hour straight. And standing stiff above it all is vocalist Daevas (aka Lars Plegge), whose gravelly but strict and ideally percussive delivery not only fits the music like a steel glove but also traces a nice, nostalgic ancestry to luminary predecessors like CELTIC FROST's Thomas Gabriel Warrior and CORONER's Ron Broder.” [Read the rest here]

Attired with liturgical chants and shouting crowds, SECRETS OF THE MOON's last record before the ‘Seven Bells’ was unleashed upon those privileged enough to withstand the 74-minute long effort, ‘Privilegivm’, in 2009.

SECRETS OF THE MOON features: sG – vocals and guitar, T. Thelemnar – drums and Ar - guitar








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