27 March, 2012

Naglfar: Téras – new album


They took their creative break and now they are back with their sixth album which shall be forever known as ‘Téras’, and which was released upon Europe yesterday, March 26th, 2012, and will ravish Americans today, March 27th, 2012 (as fierce storms, especially the Swedish ones, often do) by NAGLFAR's partners in creative crime, Century Media Records. The album's appealing artwork was created by DARK TRANQUILLITY's (click) talented Niklas Sundin. Visit NAGLFAR's Facebook page to hear the new track ‘Pale Horse’ here, listen to ‘An Extension Of His Arm And Will’ below, and buy ‘Téras’ here.

“Never content with their achievements, NAGLFAR now demonstrate clearly with ‘Téras’ that their classic sound easily projects into the future. If it ever needed a reminder that these wolves from the North are amongst the elite of Swedish black metal, well here it is. This storm will blow you away!” [Predicts the press release:]

NAGLFAR: An Extension Of His Arm And Will - courtesy of Century Media

NAGLFAR (a “nail ship” or a boat made from the fingernails and toenails of the dead or, in other words, a fine Swedish custom) was founded by bassist Kristoffer “Wrath” Olivius in 1992 in Umeå, Sweden. With vocalist Jens Rydén, guitarists Morgan Hansson and Andreas Nilsson, and drummer Mattias Holmgrenhe he recorded debut full-length ‘Vittra’, which was released through Wrong Again Records to mainly positive reviews. Second album ‘Diabolical’, featuring new drummer Mattias Grahn, followed in 1998 and a European tour with American legends DEICIDE ensued. The Swedes went into hibernation until 2002, when NAGLFAR signed with Century Media, through which they released a MCD entitled ‘Ex Inferis’. 2003's album ‘Sheol’ featured new guitarist Marcus E. Norman, and 2004 marked the departure of the band's original singer and founding member Jens Rydén. Following, Olivius became NAGLFAR's vocalist as well. Their fourth long-player, ‘Pariah’, was issued in 2005:

“Indeed, so similar are both men's infernal shrieking [comparing Rydén's voice to Olivius'] that one can hardly tell the difference. Musically, one can’t really tell much difference and what preceded it, either, as shockingly profane lyrics and especially blastbeat-driven hyper-speeds remain, far and away, the most prominent weapon in NAGLFAR's misanthropic arsenal,” [commented Eduardo Rivadavia – more here]

“They also know enough not to overstay their welcome, returning to their dark catacombs just in time to leave the listener wanting a little more,” noticed Mr. Rivadavia. They have nevertheless returned to “the business of creating uncommonly melodic and efficient black metal” in 2007 with ‘Harvest’ which introduced bassist Peter Morgan Lie:

“If these Swedes and their music don’t quite emanate from within the ninth circle of hell, they’re close enough to hear the bones crunching in Lucifer's maw - catch the drift?” [Wondered Eduardo Rivadavia – read the rest here – AllMusic]

NAGLFAR features: Kristoffer W. Olivius – vocals, Marcus E. Norman – guitar and Andreas Nilsson – guitar


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