07 March, 2012

Christian Mistress: Pentagram And Crucifix – new video & Possession – full album stream



‘Pentagram And Crucifix’ comes off CHRISTIAN MISTRESS' brand new album ‘Possession’, available for full streaming here (BandCamp) and via player available below. Their Relapse Records debut, the follow-up to their 2010's critically acclaimed ‘Agony & Opium’, recorded with Tim Green (ex-THE FUCKING CHAMPS guitarist) at Louder Studios and mastered by John Golden at Golden Mastering, can be bought through Relapse web store here, via CHRISTIAN MISTRESS' BandCamp page here and via iTunes. ‘Possession’ has been released on February 28th, 2012:




Focusing on the musical aesthetic typical of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, CHRISTIAN MISTRESS was formed in 2008 by guitarists Ryan McClain and Oscar Sparbel, bassist Johnny Wulf, drummer Rueben Storey and (raspy-voiced) singer Christine Davis (formerly of BURIED BLOOD). In fact, this is how Eduardo Rivadavia (AllMusic) introduces the group:

“CHRISTIAN MISTRESS fly in the face of the region's grunge-birthing reputation with a sound representing what was arguably the strongest musical style laid low by the flannel revolution: heavy metal.” [There’s more here]

CHRISTIAN MISTRESS issued a demo an a single (“earning eager blessings from many underground metal illuminati” – same source as above) prior to the release of their MCD ‘Agony & Opium’ (“a genuinely timeless album” and strongly recommended to “those truly committed to the denim-vest-over-leather-jacket lifestyle” by Phil Freeman, AllMusic) on 20-Buck Spin label in 2010:

“Guitarists Ryan McClain and Oscar Sparbel crank out riffs that sound straight from 1979-1980, while bassist Johnny Wulf locks in with Storey and keeps things firmly anchored. As impressive as McClain and Sparbel are (and they are), frontwoman Christine Davis is the primary selling point. Her slightly hoarse yet powerful vocals combine the incantatory power of Patti Smith, the raw force of Wendy O. Williams, and the howls of Nicole Lee of '80s Chicago thrashers ZNOWHITE,” [he added; read the rest here as you listen to the tune ‘Home In The Sun’ from the album below – you can download the track free of charge here(BandCamp)]:




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