22 March, 2012

Full Album Strem: Mencea: Pyrophoric – new album


Progressive death metallers from Athens, Greece, MENCEA, will be releasing their second full-length, ‘Pyrophoric’, tomorrow, March 23rd, 2012 in Europe, and on March 27th, 2012 in North America through Norwegian label Indie Recordings. The album was recorded in 2010 in various studios and was mixed and mastered by the band's own guitarists Stamos Koliousis and Vangelis Labrakis at 210 Studios in Berlin, Germany. ‘Pyrophoric’s artwork was created by MENCEA's longtime collaborator Achilleas Gatsopoulos (Hypnagogia) and its layout was handled by Marcelo Vasco (P2RDesign). Courtesy the band, listen to the full album stream here (BandCamp) or make use of player embedded below:

“The eight track-long soundtrack of unearthly moods, demonstrates an immensely wide sonic landscape, packing punch and diversity that few bands can match. Most of all, it undoubtedly shows that MENCEA belongs to a movement of bands exploring boundaries between extreme metal sub-genres, often morphing into a mix of extreme metal with progressive sensibilities and a non conformist approach to melody as well as storming rhythmic outbursts. ‘Pyrophoric’ is a fresh and fearlessly musical approach to what MENCEA is all about. Energy, sonic richness, and sheer heaviness,” [informs the press release:]


MENCEA: Pyrophoric


MENCEA made their first impressive splash in 2008, with their debut album ‘Dark Matter, Energy Noir’, issued in Europe through Indie Recordings. Well received by the press in the U.K., Scandinavia, Benelux and southern Europe, MENCEA have been invited  to share the stage with GOJIRA, HEAVEN AND HELL, SEPULTURA and ENSLAVED following the release. They have performed at European festivals such as Inferno Metal Festival and UK's Hammerfest. Listen to ‘Dark Matter, Energy Noir’ via player available below or here (BandCamp). In 2009, MENCEA added two new members to the lineup, singer Vlasis Ziouvas and drummer Bertrand Rothen.


MENCEA: Dark Matter, Energy Noir


MENCEA features: Vlasis Ziouvas – vocals, Stamos Koliousis – guitar, Vangelis Labrakis – guitar, Kostas Alatas – bass and Bertrand Rothen - drums

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