22 March, 2012

Aura Noir: Out To Die – new album


Oslo is apparently home to “the ugliest band in the world!”, namely AURA NOIR, who are to return from wherever they have been contemplating upon their cult status tomorrow, March 23rd, 2012 in Europe and on March 27th, 2012 in North America. Their latest masterpiece is called ‘Out To Die’ and will be released through Indie Recordings. VIRUS' Aggressor, IMMORTAL's Apollyon and AVA INFERI's Blasphemer (ex-MAYHEM) promise ‘Out To Die’ to be “more intense and aggressive than ever, with an increasingly stark and raw vibe to it all”:

AURA NOIR: Fed To The Flames – courtesy of Indie Recordings

“Thrash enthusiasts immersed in the stylistic trappings of the surrounding black metal community” as they are described by Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic, AURA NOIR was formed in 1993 by Aggressor (Carl-Michael Eide) and Apollyon (Ole Jørgen Moe) in Oslo, Norway. Their first official release was the ‘Dreams Like Deserts’ EP in 1994, and from there-on the band has apparently become a cult act. AURA NOIR's first recording to feature Blasphemer (Rune Eriksen) was their debut album 1996's ‘Black Thrash Attack’. 1998's ‘Deep Tracts Of Hell’ has been re-mastered and re-issued by Peaceville Records just recently; you can download the track ‘Bloody Unity’ for free here and buy the album here:

AURA NOIR: Blood Unity - courtesy of Peaceville

AURA NOIR's third album, 2004's ‘The Merciless’, featured guest vocals by DARKTHRONE's Fenriz and CARPATHIAN FOREST's Nattefrost, while their next effort, 2008's ‘Hades Rise’, came garnished with Danny Coralles' (ABSCESS and AUTOPSY) guest guitar works.

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