16 July, 2012

The Rotted: Surrounded By Sculls – new video & Ad Nauseam – full album stream



“Brilliantly brutal and unmistakably British” THE ROTTED have managed to appease fans of NAPALM DEATH, ENTOMBED, WOLFBRIGADE, MOTORHEAD, TERRORIZER, DISMEMBER, IMPALED NAZARENE, MARDUK, DISCHARGE, GBH, CELTIC FROST, BLACK SABBATH, CRO-MAGS and AGNOSTIC FRONT with their latest recording ‘Ad Nauseam’, or so I am informed. Off their October 2011 Candlelight Records release also comes the track ‘Surrounded By Sculls’. Recorded in Parlour Studio with producer Russ Russell, listen to the whole ‘Ad Nauseam’ here (BandCamp) or below, courtesy Candlelight Records, and buy it from there as well unless you like firmer stuff which you’ll find aplenty here (THE ROTTED store):


THE ROTTED: Ad Nauseam


THE ROTTED arose from the ashes of death & grind band GOREROTTED (Ben McCrow, Tim Carley and Phil Wilson) and (“blackened murder metal loonies”) SCREAMIN' DEAMON's Gian Pyres and Nate Gould in 2008. Their debut album, ‘Get Dead Or Die Trying’ was released on Metal Blade Records in July of the same year. Produced by Russ Russell and engineered by James Dunkley, the album has received fantastic reviews across the metal press. Intensive touring that ensued the release claimed Wilson who was replaced by former SCREAMIN' DEAMON frontman, a professional tattoo artist, a legally ordained minister, and founder of a cult known as “The Church Of Daemonology”, Reverend Trudgill shortly after. In 2010, THE ROTTED recorded ‘Anarchogram’, a self-funded, self-released EP on their own label Anarchogram Industries. More intense touring followed this release, including European tours with GRAVE, MISERY INDEX and MAN MUST DIE, UK shows with NAPALM DEATH, BOLT THROWER and ONSLAUGHT as well as headline shows in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem in Haifa.


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