13 June, 2013

From The Vastland: Kamarikan – new album



“We all know that there is a lot of great music out there, in countries where people are not able to express themselves freely and to live out their visions and lifestyles as they please. One of these examples is Sina from Iran, with his band FROM THE VASTLAND.”

Envisioned in 2010 by Sina, after “one night hearing his soul calling, influenced by the great ancient history of Persia”, FROM THE VASTLAND's debut album entitled ‘Darkness vs. Light’ saw its release in 2011 through Ukrainian label Arx Production. Again recording all tracks by himself, the new album ‘Kamarikan’, along with art created by Marcelo Vasco, was released in March 2013 on Indie Recordings supported by the “Freedom of Speech – Music Builds bridges” foundation. Yet, ‘Kamarikan’ was sold exclusively during this year's Inferno Festival (occurring annually in Norway) where Sina was invited to perform. And, backed by MORBID ANGEL's Thor Anders Myhren on guitar, PANTHEON I's André Kvebek on bass and KEEP OF KALESSIN's Vegard Larsen on drums, he performed indeed. Due to a popular demand, Indie Recordings wisely decided to give the album a worldwide release which occurred yesterday, June 12th, 2013. ‘Kamarikan’ is available here (Plastic Head UK), here (EMP) and through Indie Recordings download store here (see top right corner). The musician concurs:

“Now, I found my way and I want to continue walking through this dark misty path into eternity... Close your eyes, open your mind, hear the sounds calling from beyond... Come and accompany me into the other side of cosmos - to feel and know the unknown...”


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