07 January, 2014

Fortid: Pagan Prophecies – new video

To lighten the hearts of Americans who are currently suffering the effects of Polar vortex, Hannu Mikola (Visual Vortex) has created a video for FORTÍÐ's ‘Pagan Prophesies’, off the band's fourth full-length, 2012's ‘Pagan Prophesies’, which “contains many variations and an atmosphere that almost takes your breath away”, according to Norway's Scream Magazine, and of which FORTÍÐ “should be damned proud”, according to UK's Zero Tolerance. Issued through Schwarzdorn Production, ‘Pagan Prophecies’ can be found here (Schwarzdorn store) and here (FORTÍÐ store). The band is currently working on their fifth, yet untitled album:

Formed in 2002 as a solo project for Iceland's Einar “Eldur” Thorberg, FORTÍÐ's (apparently Icelandic for “past”) debut full-length was released in 2003 through No Colours Records. Entitled ‘Völuspá part I: Thors Anger’, it was followed by second album ‘Völuspá part II: The Arrival Of Fenris’ in 2007. After relocating to Norway in 2008, Thorberg searched for the right people with whom to make FORTÍÐ a proper band; he first met an Englishman and drummer Daniel Theobald, then a Norwegian guitarist Øystein Hansen and a fellow Norwegian keyboardist Gaute Refsnes, and eventually he found a Swede and a bass player Rikard Jonsson, all the while working on the third album, ‘Völuspá part III: Fall Of The Ages’, thusly completing the ‘Völuspá’ trilogy. (Völuspá is the first (and best known) poem of the Poetic Edda which is a collection of Old Norse poems preserved in the Icelandic mediaeval manuscript Codex Regius.) ‘Völuspá part III: Fall Of The Ages’ was released in 2010 through German label Schwarzdorn Production. In 2011, keyboardist Refsnes left the band and FORTÍÐ decided to continue on as a four-piece, with  Thorberg taking over the keyboards once more, and as such recorded FORTÍÐ 2012's ‘Pagan Prophecies’.

FORTÍÐ features: E. Thorberg – guitar and vocals, D. Theobald – drums, Ø. Hansen – guitar and R. Jonsson – bass


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