30 January, 2014

Full Album Stream: Kampfar: Djevelmakt – new album


(Sorry about the delay boys, it couldn’t be helped.) Without further ado then, visit Metal Hammer right here, right now and stream the new KAMPFAR album, ‘Djevelmakt’. KAMPFAR's sixth LP is out now, since January the 27th, 2014 (will become available tomorrow in Germany, Austria and Switzerland), through Indie Recordings. ‘Djevelmakt’ is an interesting and rewarding (“the mark of a band still unafraid to push the (long)boat out after two decades of existence, but who are still utterly in tune with the unruly currents coursing through black metal's heart,” according to Metal Hammer) listen and I advise you to order the album from here (the finally upgraded and simplified Indie Recordings store), from iTunes, Spotify etc. ‘Djevelmakt’ was recorded partly in the band's (new) home town Bergen and partly at the Abyss Studio in Pärlby, Sweden with producer Jonas Kjellgren (of RAUBTIER) with Peter Tägtgren (of HYPOCRISY) doing the mixing. The album's cover is a 1981 oil painting by Polish artist Zdzisław Beksiński. But, in case you are one of those people who like to have their stuff (their music) well defined, Excretakano (of MetalSucks fame) is glad to help:
“ ‘Djevelmakt’ is black metal in the same way that ROTTING CHRIST or SECRETS OF THE MOON are black metal. That is: yeah, occasionally maybe, not really a whole lot, no. The distinction quite possibly falls entirely on your definition of the genre,” [he says. He adds:] “KAMPFAR somehow found a way to bury the needle deep into the awesome zone while maintaining a subtle individuality. Utterly satisfying.” [Excretakano apparently haunts the shadowy terrain between massive incompetence and total irrelevance, with occasional trips through self-righteous ambiguity – more here:]

KAMPFAR started out as a solo project for former MOCK frontman Dolk (occasionally referred to as Per-Joar Spydevold) in 1994 in Fredrikstad, Norway. By 1995, Dolk (vocals and drums) recruited guitarist and bassist Thomas (Andreassen), and the pair proceeded to record first a demo, followed by a self-titled EP which was released through Season Of Mist.
While, according to the band, KAMPFAR's debut full-length album “leaned heavily on Thomas' folk influences, yet espoused Dolk's black metal finesse”, AllMusic's Steve Huey found 1997s ‘Mellom Skogkledde Aaser’ “an oddly musical slab of frosty Norwegian black metal, full of the prerequisite evil-troll vocal rasping, but also featuring memorable guitar riffs and goth-sounding backup vocals” (more here). Originally released through Malicious Records, the album was reissued by Napalm Records in 2006. An EP called ‘Norse’ came next in 1998, followed by ‘Fra Underverdenen’ LP in 1999 (Hammerheart Records). On KAMPFAR's third longplayer, 2006s ‘Kvass’, the duo grew into a foursome, adding Jon (Fredrik Bakker) on bass and Ask (Ty Ulvhedin Bergli Arctander) on drums; the band was welcomed back with praising words such as “epic” and descriptions as “a rare example of how Scandinavian metal bands can successfully reacquaint themselves with their roots” (Stewart Mason, AllMusic – more here). KAMPFAR returned to Silverstone Studio in and producer Rune Jørgensen to record 2008s ‘Heimgang’ to deliver “raw pagan folklore metal as it is meant to be heard; piercing riffs, driving drums, and catchy melodies” for the fourth time.The band's third record issued through Napalm Records, 2011s ‘Mare’, was recorded with producer Peter Tägtgren “who provided the songs with a piercing and very powerful sound”. The last album to feature longtime guitarist Thomas, KAMPFAR drafted in the talents of Ole Hartvigsen to accompany them on the ensuing tour. Ole later joined the band on permanent bases.

KAMPFAR features: Dolk – vocals, Jon – bass, Ask – drums and Ole - guitar

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