07 January, 2014

Skull Fist: Chasing The Dream – new album


Seriously unserious heavy metal dudes from Toronto, Canada, SKULL FIST, led by guitarist, vocalist and avid skateboarder Jackie Slaughter, occasionally record records when they are not too busy “fighting for the greater good of rock!” or surviving skateboarding accidents (see here). Jackie Slaughter explains: “Money is not growing on trees and we simply did not have enough to enter the studio again. So we postponed the recording date and then there was also my accident with the skateboard…” Three years after their debut LP ‘Head Öf The Pack’, SKULL FIST's second album is finally ready to be unleashed on January the 10th, 2014 on NoiseArt Records. ‘Chasing The Dream’ awaits your order here (NoiseArt store), here (SKULL FIST store), and on iTunes, Amazon etc:

Founded in 2006 by guitarist and singer Jackie Slaughter in Toronto, Canada, SKULL FIST quickly released a two-song demo, ‘No False Metal’, in 2006 and then searched for identity (stable line-up) the following four years. With lead guitarist Sir Shred and drummer Alison Thunderland, Slaughter finally recorded ‘Heavier Than Metal’ EP which was released in 2010 and which, on the strength of positive reception, brought about a contract with NoiseArt Records. A couple of Canadian tours and a European tour later, SKULL FIST, counting Slaughter, bassist Casey Slade, guitarist Jonny Nesta and drummer Alison Thunderland (although no longer a bandmember), recorded ‘Head Öf The Pack’ LP which was issued in 2011.

SKULL FIST features: Jackie Slaughter – guitar and vocals, Jonny Nesta – guitar, Casey Slade – bass (and Chris Steve – drums)

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