22 January, 2014

Monte Pittman: The Power Of Three – new album


Since this is a one woman (an adult woman with numerous responsibilities beside this blog which is my hobby, as a matter of fact) show, I can be excused for not knowing that PRONG's MONTE PITTMAN is largely known as MADONNA's long-time guitarist; although the Queen of Pop in very popular here and visits regularly, I somehow seem to to be unable to attend her magnificent shows. Anyhow, award-winning, chart-topping guitarist MONTE PITTMAN's new album, ‘The Power Of Three’, is out now in America, since January the 21st, 2014, and will become available in Europe on January the 24th/27th, through Metal Blade Records. Pittman, drummer Kane Ritchotte and bassist Max Whipple recorded the album - which awaits your order here (Metal Blade store), here (musician's official store) or on iTunes etc - in Copenhagen with producer Flemming Rasmussen (the man behind METALLICA's ‘Master Of Puppets’). The album's art, created by Cam Rackam, is to “represent the guitarist's musical journey from what he has done before, to where he is now”, while the band's brand new video ‘Before The Mourning Son’, directed by Vince Edwards, showcases stellar performances from Pitman and his bandmates:

Born and raised in Texas, USA, guitarist, singer and songwriter Monte Pittman moved to Los Angeles, California in his early twenties; he first made ends meet by working at a local music store as a salesperson, and later took a job as a guitar teacher (if you want to learn from the best click here for more information): “As fate would have it, his third student would end up being British filmmaker Guy Ritchie, who had just received a guitar from his then girlfriend, Madonna. Soon after, Monte was introduced to the iconic performer, and became her guitar teacher as well. A month later, Monte was invited to join Madonna on stage at the David Letterman Show to promote her album, ‘Music’.” He has since accompanied the pop diva on all of her live tours and has played guitar on her albums starting with the 2001s ‘Drowned World Tour’. Around the same time, Pittman joined groove metal band PRONG, with whom he recorded five albums and helped to produce some of them. In 2009, Pittman released his debut acoustic solo album ‘The Deepest Dark’: 

The following year he would head out on tour with Adam Lambert, whom he had known from before Lambert's appearance on the “American Idol” show. In 2011, Pittman launched a Kickstarter campaign for his second album, 2011s ‘Pain, Love & Destiny’; it raised a “staggering” 65,500 US dollars (with 5,000 US dollars raised in less than 24 hours) which cracked iTunes' Top 200: 

Monte Pittman performed with Madonna at the 2012 Super Bowl and had accompanied the performer on her world MDNA Tour. That same year, he performed at the Holywood's Artists In Music Awards where he received the “Best Solo Artist” award and was nominated in four additional categories. Furthermore, Pittman has been honored with a “Career Achievement Award”, given to him by the Hollywood F.A.M.E. Awards, while The Los Angeles Music Awards nominated him for “Best Male Singer/Songwriter”and “Best Modern Rock Album” for ‘Pain, Love, & Destiny’. 

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